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October 20, 2021

Even More Magical Games

9:30 am - TheHarpy

Magical Games & Sports is looking to expand their area of focus and is in need of a dedicated group of individuals to partner with us. With your help, we will be working to bring other magical games from the Harry Potter series to life! These lowkey, yet fun, games will be diverse, dynamic, and inclusive to all of our MG&S users. If you like creating out-of-the-box contests, have great communication skills, and work well in a group dynamic, this team may just be for you. Apply today.

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October 15, 2021

It's that time again!

2:15 pm - HEX Staff

As the leaves are starting to fall and the air is getting colder, in many regions of the world typical autumn traditions commence. Here on HEX, we have our very own tradition - growing pumpkins! Grab your garden shovels and watering can, and head to the Pumpkin Patch to dive in!

October 10, 2021

Fiesta Espectacular in the Shopping Forums!

12:06 am - Doc Necro

The food. The music. The colors. The dog.

Revisit the world of Disney's Coco this month as we celebrate and treasure the memories of those family and friends who most profoundly shape our lives. The party is kicking off over in the Shopping Forums. Wait, party doesn't do it justice. Too bland. So let us say instead: welcome one and all to our Fiesta Espectacular!

October 4, 2021

Careers: Professional Quidditch Player

12:12 am - HPfanextrm

They entertain the masses with both their spectacular moves and high-flying abilities.

Grab your Quidditch goggles and your broom, then take to the skies! The Professional Quidditch Player career has arrived. Visit the Headmaster's Study or the Careers hub to learn more.

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