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Guess the Harry Potter character from the short excerpt provided below! An original story set within the Harry Potter universe has been written for you, from a particular character's point of view. Depending on the scene and the character's life, other characters may make an appearance in the story. However, your task is to discern the voice of the prompt. Using powers of deduction, determine which character is telling their story, and post their full name in this thread to earn participation tickets towards the Monthly Raffle.

1. All HEX rules apply. Please keep all content appropriate and within the bounds of the site's PG-13 rating.
2. Absolutely no cheating. Each person must guess the character on their own. Anyone found cheating, or helping others to cheat, will be disqualified not only from this Guess the Character contest but from future Guess the Character contests as well.
3. Each user is only allowed one guess. If you make multiple guesses, only your first guess will be counted, and all subsequent answers will be voided.
4. Please direct all questions and concerns to Jenni, Cody, Maria Ana, Desi, Clint, Rii, or Jiae.

A correct guess will earn you 2 tickets towards the Monthly Raffle, whereas an incorrect guess will earn you 1 ticket.

He did not believe all the rumors. The Dark Lord was not dead. Gone maybe, but certainly not dead. He was determined to find his master and was unfathomably angry at all the Death Eaters who had chosen to flee. Such cowards. Even if the Ministry was trying to round them up, he knew better than to give up on the Dark Lord.

His only relief was that his brother and sister-in-law shared the same inclination. The trio had decided to garner any possible information that would help them bring back Lord Voldemort. Those Aurors - the Longbottoms - knew something. And he was going to use every resource at his disposal to make them suffer and face their fate. He wasn't going to back down now; he was a true follower of the Dark Lord.

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Irma Pince OR Madam Pince

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