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Arts & Graphics Forum Artwork of the Month :: May

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May's Artwork of the Month was created by ninjathief77!


Through the dark I stumble
No lights in distant trees
Broken, battered, fading
Torn apart by dreams
So many hopes I harbored
So much potential here
Gone, wasted, stolen
By hopeless, haunting fear
A monster lives inside me
Feeds upon my soul
A ruthless, cunning, killer
Draws me deep into my hole
And in the dark I shatter
Pieces spread about the floor
My world, my peace and heartbeat
Silenced, forevermore

ninjathief77's Portfolio:
Ninja's Knick Knacks - A Writing And Graphics Portfolio

Jolene's portfolio is always filled with wonderful poetry, and 'Uncertainty' is no exception. This poem in particular stands out to me due to its detailed descriptions, use of metaphors and well-chosen adjectives that describe the feeling of uncertainty so very well. When reading this poem, one can almost visualize uncertainty as a personified figure, which is a great achievement. Well done, Jolene!

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Congrats ninjathief77!

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Oh wow! Thank you 😊

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It's beautiful, thank you for sharing this with us!😊

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It is so beautiful!

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