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Arts & Graphics Forum A&G :: Rules and Welcome Gallery

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A&G Forum Account
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Welcome to the Arts & Graphics Forum!

Welcome to the Arts and Graphics Forum, the creative corner of HEX. Here we embrace all of the arts, anything from graphics to writing to coding to painting, drawing, anything you can think of! We love to embrace the unique creativity of HEX's creative community, and we hope you enjoy your time here.

If you take a look around, we've spruced things up around here. We hope you enjoy the new changes, but if you have any suggestions, you are free to visit our Suggestions thread to give us your input. Magenta is always looking for new, unique ways to express her creativity.

If you want to get updates on any happenings in the Arts and Graphics Forum, please keep our Watch Thread on watch. If you want to start a portfolio or store, please visit our Portfolio Directory or our Store Directory. If you need help with BBCode, HTML, or coding in general, you'll want to head over to our Q&A, while if you have questions about Graphics Management applications or layout coding, you'll want to head over to our GM Q&A or our Layout Coding Guide. Additionally, we have a monthly tutorial for you to try and weekly prompts as well, if you're in need for more inspiration!

Below, you will see our forum rules. We hope that A&G can be an open, creative space for everyone to express themselves; however, we do ask that you abide by our rules to ensure that everything is fair for everyone. Please review the rules below before contributing any content to this forum. Thank you.

Forum Rules

  1. Everything in this forum needs to follow the site terms and be HEX appropriate.
    1. Entries for the writing and graphics challenges are included in this, as well as any writing or graphics posted in portfolios. Any posts with content that breaks HEX rules will be removed.
    2. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. This means that you do not copy or steal work from others, both on HEX or offsite. This includes graphics for portfolios, stores, or monthly challenges; writing for portfolios, stores, or monthly challenges; and store/layout/thread coding for stores and portfolios. If you would like to use another user's graphic as a reference or as inspiration, you need to get permission first and credit them if they wish. The art is the property of the artist who made it and by using it without their permission, you are disrespecting them and their work.
    3. Posting threads asking where you can illegally download full/licensed graphics programs or other software is not allowed. Likewise, you may not post threads advertising how to do so as well.
  1. The purpose of this forum is to be the hub of all things Arts and Graphics related on HEX. This is an area for users to show off their artwork, ask for graphics to be made, or post tutorials and resources.
    1. Do not post threads that aren't related to arts and graphics in some way. Anything that isn't related to some form of art, writing, coding, etc. is considered spam and will be locked. Chat threads are not allowed in this forum.
    2. Any graphics (HP or non-HP) are allowed, provided they follow all other site and forum rules.
  1. We do not encourage the use of art generators. Artwork sold and displayed here needs to be original.
    1. Art generators are sites that offer features such as font generators, glitter text, preset animations, premade web page templates, premade graphics templates as well as drag-and-drop features. While you may utilize the features of these sites for your work in this forum, all work must be your own and not from a premade template.
    2. An original creation is defined as either a graphic or code you created completely from scratch or a graphic or code that is derived from several (free) sources. An original drawing or a code you wrote completely yourself is as original as a banner you created using stock photos, blending, textures, brushes, etc. This also applies to HTML/CSS code you compiled yourself using free online sources and templates; however, the code should still be distinctly your own.
    3. In A&G, we do not allow the selling of graphics created from generators. As such, any graphic created from a generator needs to be heavily modified by the user before they are allowed to be sold. Simply changing the font or color scheme of a premade template is not enough to be considered heavily modified. The only exception to this would be if you're using the standard coding for HEX forum layouts, though the graphic itself should still be of your own creation.
    4. If you are going to use a template for a coding creation, and all you do is make minor edits such as, but not limited to, colour, text, or images, you must provide proper credit for the template used. This is especially true if you are seeking to sell your creation. If you create your own original template and use it for your creations, that is perfectly fine.
    5. If you are creating "dollz", you must design the graphics used on the doll (premade bases are allowed). Dolls that are assembled by simply dragging and dropping are not considered as your own art and thus are not allowed.
    6. You may use free resources such as textures, stock photos, coding snippets or other free-to-use resources, but your overall creation must be your own original idea and creation.
  1. Do not spam. Spam includes (but is not limited to):
    1. Reposting a thread to get more attention. Duplicate threads are not allowed and will be locked.
    2. Bumping a thread while it is still on the first page. Threads can be bumped when they have fallen off the first page.
    3. Testing threads are not allowed and threads created solely for testing purposes will be locked. You may test coding in your store or in any clubs that permit it. If you want to ask questions pertaining to BBCode or HTML, you may visit our Coding Q&A if needed.
  1. When giving criticism, please make sure that any and all criticism is constructive and wanted.
    1. Constructive criticism and rudeness are two different things. Being rude, negative, or disparaging another user or their work will not be tolerated.
    2. If you are looking to give or get feedback on a graphic, please head to the Praise and Critique Thread.
  1. All traditional artwork showcased via images or scans is required to include your handwritten username on the artwork, either directly on the piece or on a separate sheet of paper on top of or next to the artwork and included in the image.
    1. This practice helps to validate the authenticity and to avoid plagiarism. This is non-negotiable and traditional artwork that does not follow this policy risks being removed.
    2. Signatures and watermarks are encouraged, but not required, for digital artwork.
  1. All artists are limited to ONE active store and TWO active portfolios (one graphics and one writing). Any more than that will result in the locking of future and additional stores/portfolios.
    1. Should you wish to create a new one, you must first sharepost one of the A&G mods to have your current portfolio or store locked. If you do not request this, the new thread will be locked as a duplicate.
    2. You may only create a new thread for your store/portfolio up to three (3) times per year. Any new store/portfolio threads after that point will be locked.
    3. To be considered active, the store/portfolio thread must have had activity from the creator within the last six (6) months. Only active stores/portfolios will remain in the directories.
  1. ISO threads are not allowed in the Arts & Graphics forum. All ISO requests must be placed in one of the two official A&G ISO threads. If you create a separate ISO thread, it will be locked.
    1. If you have a one-time or short-term request, please go to ISO Thread: Small Requests.
    2. If you have an ongoing or long-term request, please go to the ISO Thread: Longterm Projects.

If you have any questions regarding these rules or feel another rule should be added, please owl Katie, Julie, or another member of A&G Staff.

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A&G Forum Account
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Requests are paid for with site currency unless otherwise stated. Below you'll find some recommended prices to keep in mind when pricing your requests. Please remember, these are only our recommendations, a simple base and range to start with. Pricing for your requests can vary depending on the artist and the complexity of the piece in question.

Avatar 500 G Small
Animated Avatar 750 G Small
Thread Header 2000 G Medium
Animated Thread Header 2500 G Medium
Signature 2000 G Medium
Animated Signature 2500 G Medium
Forum Layout 10000 - 20000 G Large
Profile Layout 40000 G Large
Image Map 50000 G Large
Hand-Drawn Image Map 100000 G Large

One post [BBC] 5000 G Small
One post [HTML] 7000 G Small
Full Thread [BBC] 8000 G Medium
Full Thread [HTML] 10000 G Medium
Profile [Single Page] 15000 G Large
Profile [Multi / Interactive] 25000 G Large

Bust Character [Line Art] 10000 G Small
Bust Character [Black & White] 15000 G Small
Bust Character [Colored] 20000 G Small
Full Sized [Line Art] 20000 G Medium
Full Sized [Black & White] 25000 G Medium
Full Sized [Colored] 30000 G Medium
Full Sized [With Background] 50000 G Large

0-500 Words 10000 G Small
501-1,000 Words 20000 G Medium
1000+ Words >30000 G Large
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A&G Forum Account
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Artwork of the Month Archives

The A&G staff love to see the amazing things that everyone creates every month. We choose a piece of artwork to honor and showcase each month as a part of our Artwork of the Month program. Additionally, you may submit your own nominations for Artwork of the Month in our nominations thread if you see a piece of artwork in A&G that particularly inspires you.

Below, you will find a full archive of every HEXian who has ever been nominated for Artwork of the Month - dating back to 2010! We hope to continue this living archive of HEXians' creative musings for many years to come.

January - Savi Malfoy

February - Darya

March - HiddenSmiles17

April - Elladora Slughorn

May - ninjathief77

June - Whitney Frost

July - Kestrel Winter

August - GoldenHand

September - kay85

October - HiddenSmiles17

November - SofiaR

January - Artwork of the Year

February - Tempest

March - Oakwhisker

April - Karlie Annelisse

May - NightMagic191

June - Ashleigh

July - CuriousLolita

August - konnaa

September - MopGirl123

October - Helena Fosters

November - RosalynnWideback

December - Yasti

January - Artwork of the Month

February - CharlieSnitch

March - Pain

April - Emerald Scar

May - Joe Hunters

June - onika1996

July - Em

August - christinagrande007

September - duckie

October - Lu

November - Shlim

December - Geralt

January - kitabonnita

February - ShaddowOwl

March - Jorja

May - Sami_Darkmoon

June - erikkagrey

July - SatNav

August - Pain

September - MinervaGryff

October - ShaddowOwl

November - julieexann

December - birdy

January - Antheia

February - NutellaNinja

March - shadow ninja

April - Jrunnel

May - Vie Noblefury

June - Everwhim

July - SatNav

August - rosie2821

September - VioletValentine

October - MadameLeota

November - birdy

December - CuriousLolita

January - Pain

February - Gwendolyn Fletcher

March - lilacfleur

April - fishoutawater

May - Elena Winchester

June - Antheia

July - Ginger Mouse

August - Amara_starleaf

September - MissHavok

October - Aomidori

November - Vie Noblefury

December - enduring change

January - Jrunnel

February - Agni Kai

March - SofiaR

April - Savi Malfoy

May - Fair_Columbina

June - ZZZ628

July - Skyelandor

August - _Legendary Sushi_

September - LunaExtreme

October - RainbowPhoenix

November - Reneespeaks

December - Aomidori

January - harry_fun

February - beautiful_lily_evans

March - dollgodess

April - Shaya Mason

May - Ybetoula

June - Contra_Mundi

July - Em

August - Shaya Mason

September - Zee

October - TheSaladButter

November - Atara Beaudelaire

December - Annie Wayne

January - SarahEmily

February - kay85

March - Jordyn_Greene

April - Fair_Columbina

May - Alex

June - xMooneyx

July - hpandtheootp12

August - GhostlyFox19

September - Isabella2577

October - Zee

November - Isabella2577

December - RavenZoeClaw

December - Shaya Mason

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A&G Forum Account
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Prompt of the Week Archives

The A&G staff have started a new program where Weekly Prompts are posted - four total prompts each month. These prompts are merely meant to be small challenges to give you extra practice should you desire it or let you try something new. These prompts never expire, so feel free to look at this archive if you're looking for a source of inspiration.

- May 2018 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

- June 2018 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

- July 2018 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

- August 2018 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

- September 2018 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

- October 2018 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

- November 2018 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

- December 2018 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

- January 2019 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

- February 2019 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

- March 2019 -
Writing - Graphics - Coding - Freestyle

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A&G Forum Account
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Tutorial of the Month Archives

The A&G staff value all artists within the A&G community to be able to grow and learn from each other. Each month, any user can submit a tutorial to potentially be used as our featured tutorial. Additionally, A&G staff also share their expertise through tutorials as well.

- May 2018 - x -

- June 2018 - x -

- July 2018 - x -

- August 2018 - x -

- September 2018 - x -

- October 2018 - x -

- November 2018 - x -

- December 2018 - x -

- January 2019 - x -

- February 2019 - x -

- March 2019 - x -

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A&G Forum Account
A&G Forum Account
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. T O . T H E . I M A G E . M A P
:: A & G

1. Portfolio Directory (left)
2. Welcome Gallery (center)
3. Store Directory (right)

4. A&G ISO Thread (first standing book from the left)
5. Blotting the Parchment :: Incentive Program (second standing book from the left)
6. Comments and Feedback (second standing book from the right)
7. Praise and Critiques (first standing book from the right)
8. AoTM Nominations (second book from the top of the stack)
9. Tutorial Submission (third book from the top of the stack)
10. GM Layout & Coding Guide (fourth book from the top of the stack)
11. Graphics Management Q&A (bottom book of the stack)

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