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January's Artwork of the Month was created by Antheia

Antheia's Portfolio
Let It Go :: A Graphics Portfolio

The featured artwork for January is a marriage of expert blending and excellent choice of colours. The soft background works wonderfully well with the striking foreground, creating a rush of colour and edge. However, do not be fooled by what looks like a simple blending graphic. In fact, if you look carefully, there are layers of images cleverly woven into this breathtaking graphic! Graphic artistry at its finest! Well done!


December: Shaya Mason

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April: Fair_Columbina, May: littlemiss_tutu, June: xMooneyx,
July: hpandtheootp12, August: GhostlyFox19, September: Isabella2577,
October: nauxizioo, November: Isabella2577, December: RavenZoeClaw

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October: Aomidori, November: Vie Noblefury, December: enduring change

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Congratulations Ally! Your work is wonderful!

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Congrats! You sure are good at what you do!

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Wow! Congrats! I wish I could do something like that! My work will never get in this!

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Eee! Congrats, Allybby! It's gorgeous -- I can't figure out how you got the hand to be split into those colours, haha. Here's to many more in the future!

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Congratulations Allison!
Great work.

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That's an absolutely amazing graphic!! Congratulations, you definitely deserve this!

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Oh wow, definitely wasn't expecting this. Thank you so much!

And if anyone's curious, the character is Cassandra Pentaghast from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Dragon Age! Beautiful job

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Congrats, Anthea!

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