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December's Artwork of the Month was created by enduring change

enduring change's Portfolio
New endings to old beginnings -An Artistic Resolve

The featured artwork for December is a drawing made with such attention to detail that it's absolutely breathtaking. The delicate lines and shadowing on the close shot of a jaguar make it look so realistic that you are under the impression it's a real photograph. Made with graphite, this artwork showcases the artist's great skills and provides a piece of art for us to admire. Job very well done!


December: Shaya Mason

January: , February: kay85, March: Jordyn_Greene,
April: Fair_Columbina, May: littlemiss_tutu, June: xMooneyx,
July: hpandtheootp12, August: GhostlyFox19, September: Isabella2577,
October: nauxizioo, November: Isabella2577, December: RavenZoeClaw

January: JamesLondon , February: beautiful_lily_evans, March: dollgodess,
April: Shaya Mason , May: Ybetoula, June: Contra_Mundi,
July: archTITANess, August: Shaya Mason, September: nauxizioo,
October: TheSaladButter, November: Atara Beaudelaire, December: Annie Wayne

January: Jrunnel, February: Agni Kai , March: SofiaR,
April: Savi Malfoy, May: Fair_Columbina, June: ZZZ628,
July: Skyelandor, August: _LegendarySushi_, September: LunaExtreme,
October: RainbowPhoenix, November: Reneespeaks, December: Aomidori

January: IFocusOnThePain, February: Gwendolyn Fletcher, March: lilacfleur
April: fishoutawater, May: Elena Winchester , June: Antheia
July: Ginger Mouse, August: Amara_starleaf , September: MissHavokk,
October: Aomidori, November: Vie Noblefury

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It's a beautiful piece.. <3

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That's really cool! Did you draw that yourself, enduring change?

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WOW! That's so amazing
going to have to stalk your other work :3

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I love this drawing, the details are so perfect. <3

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Damn, that is beautiful. I was already stalking your portfolio, and this is amazingly well-deserved. <3

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This blows me away

I love it <3

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That is amazing!

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This is really gorgeous

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