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March's Artwork of the Month was created by lilacfleur

This elegantly done handrawing of Elsa is a wonderful showcase of what one can do paper and some sharpies. The usage of glitter is impeccable and captures the icy blue cold perfectly. All the lines are clean and flow neatly, giving the piece a sense of completion. And although the piece is monochromatic with only tones of blue used, it is still very vibrant and lively. Altogether a masterfully done drawing.


December: Shaya Mason

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Ohhh wow! I LOVE it!
Amazing piece of art (:

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OMG! You didn't tell me that you joined hex and that YOU GOT SORTED INTO HUFFLEPUFF! I'm in shock...

But like I've told you already...I LOVE this picture <3<3<3
and congratulations! <3


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Oh my god. 0.0 cant. believe. it. brain. is. failing. XD
Thankyouthankyouthankyou now I'm in shock. I'm so honoured!

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Really pretty!!! Congrats you deserve it!

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