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August's Artwork of the Month was created by _LegendarySushi_

Ian's comic strips are witty, relevant, and bring a whole new edge of professionalism that we over in the A&G HQ are drooling over. His sketches, paintings, and web comics are superb. Ev erything in his portfolio is fabulous! This particular piece makes us laugh, and perhaps makes a very honest point about our own procrastinatio. The colors are fantastic, the characters are believeable, and the design is flawless. This is a truely fantastic piece!
Ian's Graphics Portfolio
The Professor's Adventures in Drawing


December: Shaya Mason

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Congratulations, Ian! I love those comics!

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That's so amusing. Great job!

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Congrats! Nice work.

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Congratulations! Great job

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wow, congratulations! that was really nice

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