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Student Hangout Corkboard - March 2020

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Student Corkboard: Inside Hogwarts!

What? Where? When?

Hogwarts is now at your fingertips!
Keep track of everything that's going on within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in our Corkboard every month!

What's in store this month? Have a look!

Boys Bathroom

This month is all about March Madness! Join the Janitor for some tournament related activities!

Magic March Madness
Fill in the
bracket with your dream results to decide the ultimate dueling champion at Hogwarts!

Mad For What
Tell us what you think about
tournaments in general!

The Dungeons

Let us visit Georgia this month

History of Fear
Join us with this
word search about Lake Lanier

Deepest Darkest Discussion
Come with us to discuss the urban legend about
Lake Lanier in Georgia

Girls Bathroom

Another month in the Girls Bathroom where we focus on the most important thing - YOU

Beautiful Bras
Have you ever wanted to
design your own bra? Well now you can! Join us as we create our own colourful bras!

Breasts & Bras
Another topic we all should be well versed in. Come give your experiences on
breasts and bras this month!

The Hospital Wing

"The eyes are more exact witnesses than the ears." When Heraclitus said this, he probably wasn't thinking about eye health. But it is true - with your eyes being witness to everything you see, it's important to keep them healthy!

'Eye' Wonder
There's another quote about eyes that you'll
want to see for its own inspirational message.

'Eye' See
What sort of
vision problems and eye diseases do you know of? Do you have any interesting eye facts? Come and join us as we discuss ways to keep your eyes healthy.

The Kitchens

Spring is here and we are getting chilly in the Kitchens!

Perfect Popsicles
Oh no! Winky as forgotten who gets which popsicle! Help her sort this things out with a fun
logic puzzle!

Join us in an icy discussion as we talk about our favorites involving
popsicles ! Hopefully you don't get a brain freeze!

The Library

"Let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure." - Albus Dumbledore

The Great Unknown
Right in the middle of term we
crave exploration, but this jigsaw will have to sate that need!

Hogwarts Book Club: Adventure
From exploring
backyards to planets, everyone's the adventurer in their own tale.

The Loo

Take a step back, relax, and remember those childhood days full of goofy cartoons.

I Choose You, Pikachu
Come relax and
color in your favorite Gen 1 Pokemon starter.

Saturday Morning Cartoon
Join in on
reminiscing on your favorite cartoons.

The Music Room

We’re challenging you all to step outside your musical comfort zones with the Monthly Musical Prompt, and let us know how you usually prefer to get outside your zone in the poll.

Playlist Prompt
Unleash your
inner musical and tell us the story of your music playlists.

What’s Your Genre?
Find out the most popular genres of Hogwarts, and share your thoughts on
favorite genres and how they influence each other.

Pic Post Area

The Pic Post Area houses a monster this month. And you may add a few yourself.

Time to find a
monster yourself!

Loch Ness Monster
Share your thoughts about the
Loch Ness monster.

The Trophy Room

You're in luck! The Trophy Room has a new set of activities for you this month.

Midnight Challenge :: Lucky Charms
Do you have good luck? Come enjoy this relaxing
jigsaw with a twist and choose your very own lucky charm!

Trophy Room Talks :: Luck and Fate
Does anything happen by chance? Do you believe things are meant to be? Come join us in our
monthly chat as we discuss luck and fate.

Student Hangout

This month, the Student Hangout is dedicating all its activities to the Armoury!

Knight life
Can you solve the
cryptogram related to the Armoury?

The Armoury
Continuing our trip through the Castle, it's time for the
Armoury to be under the spotlight.

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