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Student Hangout Corkboard - June 2019

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Student Corkboard: Inside Hogwarts!

What? Where? When?

Hogwarts is now at your fingertips!
Keep track of everything that's going on within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in our Corkboard every month!

What's in store this month? Have a look!

Boys Bathroom

The smells of exoctic animals, cotton candy, and way too many people stuffed in the big top fill the boy's bathroom this month. That's right-the circus is in town!

Turn your favorite Harry Potter into a
clown in the writing activity this month

Join the janitor for a discussion of all things
circus this month.

The Dungeons

Join us as for the next few months we discuss different Urban Legends!

Cropsey Slide Puzzle
Solve the cover of the
Cropsey Documentary Cover in this slide puzzle.

Learn about
Cropsey here

Girls Bathroom

Social Media is taking over!

Wizarding Social Media
What if
Harry Potter had social media? Or any other wizarding character? What would their profile look like? Why don't you tell us!

Social Media
It affects us all in some way or another, come give us your take on
social media in this months chat!

The Hospital Wing

It's all about what's inside that counts!

Potterific Personalities
Let's look at the personalities of different
Harry Potter characters this month.

Personalities and You
Have you ever taken a
personality quiz ?

The Kitchens

Join us as we kick off summer the best way possible.. with food!

Fabtastic Festivities!
It's opening day at the local fair! Solve the
puzzles and enjoy the day!

Festival Fun!
Are you adventurous when it comes to food? Join the chat this month as we discuss interesting
festival foods!

The Library

Either Madam Pince is a romantic at heart, or someone's in the mood for drama.

Crazy In Love
If drama isn't your thing, come
color these images full of lovey-dovey nonsense.

Crazy Rich Asians
If a bit of
drama and wealth is what you crave, have we got the book for you!

The Loo

We head far east this month as we explore mythology from China!

Dance of the Dragons
Take a break and explore your imagination as you
color in a dragon.

Traditions in Chinese Mythology
What comes to mind when you think
Chinese Mythology? Why not share what you know or learn something new.

The Music Room

This month is about alphabet art and misophonia.

Create a piece of musical
alphabet photography.

Tell us about those
sounds you hate.

Don't forget to participate in this months Monthly Musical Prompt
and fill in our discussion poll~

Pic Post Area

The theme of this month is photography as a form of art.

In the challenge you need to create your own
piece of art.

Alfred Stieglitz - Art
In de discussion
Alfred Stieglitz introduces us to photography as a form of art.

The Trophy Room

It's Mashup Madness this month in the Trophy Room! Come and hang out with us as we explore various mashup challenges and disccussions.

Mixed-Up Moving
Oh no! While packing up your trunk for the summer holiday, it seems that some of your items have been
squished together! Join us as we sort it out in this unique contest based on items right here on HEX.

Character Crossing
Have you ever wondered what two characters would be like
if they were combined? Come dream up your favorite Harry Potter characters in a whole new light!

Student Hangout

We continue our voyage through the Castle. We are dedicating May to one particular location.

Gryffin Gamer
Solve the
crossword with the information provided about Gryffindor House.

Gryffindor CR
Continuing our trip through the Castle, it's time for
The Gryffindor Common Room to be under the spotlight.

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