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Student Hangout Corkboard - November 2019

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Student Corkboard: Inside Hogwarts!

What? Where? When?

Hogwarts is now at your fingertips!
Keep track of everything that's going on within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in our Corkboard every month!

What's in store this month? Have a look!

Boys Bathroom

With a lot of students on winter break during December, the Janitor has been feeling a bit bored. Join him in this month's Discussion and Activity to keep him some company!

Snoring is Boring
Solve this
Jigsaw puzzle to find out which student got so bored that they fell asleep.

Bored to the Core
What do you do when you are feeling
bored? Join this month's discussion to let us know!

The Dungeons

Time to celebrate Christmas with Krampus!

History of Fear
Join us for a
coloring page this month.

Deepest Darkest Discussion
Come discuss
Krampus with us this holiday season.

Girls Bathroom

It's time to wrap things up with the Girls Bathroom in the last month of the year. Come join in the fun!

Create A Hamper
We're all
creating the perfect hampers this month. Let us know what your perfect hamper would be!

Wrapping Things Up
It's time to start
wrapping things up as we reach the final year of the month! Let us know in this months chat which things you'll be wrapping up!

The Hospital Wing

From making sure everything is perfectly decorated, to agonizing over gifts, to dinner with famly - Christmas sure knows how to bring out the anxiety!

Anxiety Angst
Anxiety has many faces and meanings to everyone. What would
your anxiety look like?

Anxiety Attacks
While it is your body's natural response to stress, ongoing
anxiety is not and can often lead to an anxiety disorder.

The Kitchens

Lets get cheerful in the Kitchens this holiday season!

Winky's Holiday
Winky has plans some wonderful
activities to keep us busy while we wait for our feast! Are you ready to give them a go?

Delicious December
Food is a staple at any holiday gathering. This month we will be discussing
holiday traditions. We want to hear about them all!

The Library

No way to get a better outlook than to look within first!

New Year, New Me
Let's end the year with some
positivity so we start the new one off fresh.

Hogwarts Book Club: Philosophy
Look within, examine
existence itself as well your place in the world.

The Loo

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you~ Let's get to know everyone better!

The Great Caretaker Search
Come learn through
a word search the names of your resident Caretakers and Junior Caretakers!

Getting To Know You
There are so many new faces so let's
introduce or reintroduce ourselves to one another. Who knows, maybe you'll make a new friend!

The Music Room

Ho ho ho! Share your jolly spirit in the Monthly Musical Prompt, and don't forget to fill out the new poll.

Joy to No Words
Tell us a story about a meaningful holiday
carol... without giving away the title or lyrics!

Hark the Hexians Sing
This month, we're chatting about all your favorite (and least favorite)
Christmas music!

Pic Post Area

December is known as the month of the holidays. And that means spending time in the kitchen and taking precious photos.

Creative in the Kitchen
No, you don't need to cook. Your challenge is to take a photo of the
kitchen in a creative way.

Holiday Photos
Talk about your
holiday photos in the discussion.

The Trophy Room

This month, the trophy room is finishing 2019 strong and reflecting on the past before looking to the future. Come hang out with us as we dive into the theme of HEX Memories over the past year.

Midnight Challenge :: Superlatives
We are returning with a Trophy Room favorite this December! Come
nominate your fellow Hexians for this annual award by filling out a superlatives form.

Trophy Room Talks :: HEX Memories
It's time to celebrate friendships, achievements, and
favorite moments on HEX in 2019. Come share with us what you liked best!

Student Hangout

This month, the Student Hangout is dedictaing all its activities to Defence Against the Dark Arts!

How well do you know DADA? Test your knowledge in the
crossword provided.

DADA Classroom
Continuing our trip through the Castle, it's time for the
DADA Classroom to be under the spotlight.

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