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Student Hangout Corkboard - April 2019

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Student Corkboard: Inside Hogwarts!

What? Where? When?

Hogwarts is now at your fingertips!
Keep track of everything that's going on within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in our Corkboard every month!

What's in store this month? Have a look!

Boys Bathroom

As April gets into swing, the boys bathroom is talking about all things growth.

Take a break and complete a
wordsearch to find some growth centered words.

Talk about all things
growth and maybe learn a thing or two.

The Dungeons

The Dungeons are detouring away from the usual topics of the dark and gloomy this month and instead embracing April Fool's with pranks!

History of Fear
Can you decode the
cryptogram and reveal the hidden passage?

Deepest Darkest Discussion
Join us as we talk about
pranks and all the headache inducing fun they can cause!

Girls Bathroom

It's Game time in the Girls Bathroom!

Sudoku Searching
It's taken over the castle once more and Myrtle has displayed some
sudokus for you to try when visiting her stall!

With such a variety of different
games and ways to play them, the discussion is endless this month!

The Hospital Wing

Spring has a arrived and the Hospital Wing wants to take some time to focus a type of muggle transportation - cycling.

Bike Safety
Try your hand at a
crossword on bike safety this month!

Bicycling Blather
Ride on into our chat about
cycling and your experiences with it.

The Kitchens

The kitchens is full of beans this month! Prepare your sweet tooth, it's the jelly kind!

Bring on the Beans!
Pick your favorite flavors of Jelly Beans, grab your candy jars, and start fillin'. The catch is, you only get
three colors to choose from!

Jelly Beans!
We want to talk about our love for
jelly beans and BBEFBs in this months chat!

The Library

The real world is overrated, let's talk about fake things instead!

Horrible (Hilarious?) Headcanons
Come share your favorite head-mounted cannons - wait, no,
your favorite headcanons about a book or series!

Handbook for the Recently Deceased
While the Library may be full of tomes and scrolls,
fictional books are scattered throughout the entertainment world.

The Loo

Is that a Pyramid and a Sphinx? Might we be in Egypt?

Walk Like An Egyptian
Maybe hum an old tune as we explore
Egyptian Mythology this month~

Whose that Egyptian God or Goddesses
Why not prove you were blessed by Thoth and solve this
crossword of the Gods and Goddesses.

The Music Room

This month is about chocolate frogs, concerts and cliches.

Create a new
chocolate frog card.

Tell us what you think about

Don't forget to participate in this months Monthly Musical Prompt
and fill in our discussion poll~

Pic Post Area

The season has changed for most of us, so a good reason to take photos!

Seasonal Change
Go find something that
symbolizes the new season.

History - Stock Photography
Don't want to take photos yourself? Talk about
stock photos instead.

The Trophy Room

This month, the Trophy Room is celebrating change and metamorphosis in honor of the spring season.

Midnight Challenge - Follow the Butterflies
We're taking Ron Weasley's advice and following those beautiful insects. Come play along in this
scavenger hunt taking us around the Trophy Room.

Trophy Room Talks - #10yearchallenge: Changes
To fit with our month's theme of metamorphosis,
come tell us about how you have changed and what changes you like to make.

Student Hangout

We continue our voyage through the Castle. We are dedicating April to one particular location.

Sneaky Snakes
Solve the
puzzle to get the image of the Common Room.

Slytherin CR
Continuing our trip through the Castle, it's time for
The Slytherin Common Room to be under the spotlight.

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