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Magical Theories HINT Forums' Battle Royale - Sorting Quiz

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We know, you're all pretty excited to prove yourselves in this here event, but if you've read the main thread, you'll know that joining a team will get you more points. So you've come running here to sign up for one. But it ain't gonna be that easy! We need to make sure you're on the right team. We have a few questions to ask yah, so line up!

How To Play
Take a look at the quiz below, think carefully about your answers, and then post them below. You'll get an avvie in return, along with your forum team assignment. Your answers will help us place you on the team you were destined for. Oh, and if you'd like your name on that avvie, make sure to include what you'd like it to be. We have a character limit of 10.

The Rules
01. All HEX rules and HINT Enterprises rules apply.
02. All work must be your own, no cheating is allowed of any kind.
03. Only completed quizzes will be accepted, one per person.
04. If you would prefer not to have your name on it, you will get the forum name.
05. This contest will end on May 18th at 11:59pm HEX time.
06. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the questions thread or owl Hannah, or any of the HINT Staff listed on the HINT forum tables.

The Prizes
-Your avatar
-Your team assignment

The Quiz
1. Which of the following Harry Potter characters is your favorite?
a. Rubeus Hagrid
b. Nymphadora Tonks
c. Ronald Weasley
d. Severus Snape
e. Sybill Trelawney

2. Which of the following vacation spots would you most like to go to?
a. Disneyland
b. Oxford
c. Las Vegas
d. Swiss Alps
e. Your nation's capital

3. What is your leadership style?
a. You like to be the boss
b. You like to bring change
c. You want everyone to share the power
d. You like to provide instant results
e. You like to follow popular demand

4. Pick a drink:
a. Water
b. Coffee
c. Butterbeer
d. Mountain Dew
e. Tea

5. Which one is your spirit animal?
a. Wolf
b. Orangutan
c. Fox
d. Lion
e. Other

6. There is a fork in the road, what do you do?
a. Stay put, not knowing which to take
b. Go back the way you came
c. Go left
d. Go right
e. Ask someone for directions/details

Name (10 characters max):
*For name, please type your name in all caps.

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