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London Underground LU Activity :: January

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Another month and another London Underground Activity, we once again have three tickets up for grabs for this Quarterly Raffle! Welcome to January, a new year and a new fun task for you to complete!


A release raffle has been set up. There are five tiers shown below with five prizes each. Each tier has a theme, but one item from each one does not belong. It's up to you to work out which items they are and explain why. You will be given a hint for each tier to help you out.

Hint: Think about the fate of the characters

Dolores Umbridge Portrait
Dumbledore Portrait
Colin Creevey Portrait
Tonks' Portrait
Severus Snape Portrait

Hint: What can you do with these items on HEX?

Dragon Charm Box
Bean Holder
Jewelry Box
School Bag
Enchanted Trophy Case

Hint: Sometimes appearance is everything

Orange Ornament
Fire Slug Plushie
Umbrella Flower
Derp Pumpkin
Carrot Juice

Hint: How does one get these items again?

Enchanted Paintbrush
HINTspiration Award
Welcome Commitee Award
Quill of Acceptance
Elite Marauder's Map

Hint: Pay attention to how these items are received in the books

Augusta Longbottom's Handbag
Homework Planner
Sirius' Penknife
Furry, Fanged Wallet
Single Tissue from the Dursleys


-Post your submissions in this thread
- All 100% correct* submissions will be randomized and there will be three winners
- *All answers that show logical thinking and make sense will be accepted
- Winners will get one Quarterly raffle ticket
- Entries are due by January 31st 11:59 PM HEX time
- If you have any questions feel free to owl Spud
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