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London Underground Economy Training

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November 15th - December 12th

Here in the London Underground, we would like to offer every user a chance to get on the same page with the Merchanting Guidelines and the Raffle Rules. Every month we will offer a set of questions that you will have to answer. You may only submit one entry per month, duplicate entries will not be graded. Users that answer at least 70% of the questions correctly will be given a graphic badge, and all those who score a 90% or higher will receive a badge, as well as be entered into a drawing for that month's prizes.
New this month: If you did not receive a 90% or higher on previous trainings you ARE eligible to enter the training again.

1. Animal Model - Crookshanks
2. 2 weeks of a thread of your choosing stickied/colored in one of the shopping forums
3. Diricawl Plushie
4. 1 week of an ad pinned
5. Chick Plushie
6. 3 VM Tokens
7. 1 Free Turn at the Lake (Pebble)
8. 2000 HP
9. 1250 HP
10. 750 HP

Any questions about the training may be posted in the Ask a Mod Thread. You also may send an owl to any of the Shopping Forum Moderators.

There may be more than one correct answer to a question, as long as the answer written is correct it will be counted. You must get at least 70% to receive your badge and at least a 90% to be eligible for prizes.

Training Questions and Scenarios:

General Rules

1. You may have a preview/invite thread for a contest/raffle in DA, but you must do something when your contest/raffle starts. What is this?
2. Please define SA, ISO, and OS. By define we want what the abbreviation stands for and a brief (1-2 sentence) description of that term.
3. T/F - posting the same thread in multiple forums is spam.
4. Any and ______ advertisements within ________ ________ must pertain to _______, trades, ________ or other forms of HEX _________.

Sales, Auctions, and More

5. What are the 4 things needed in the first post of your Silent Auction?
6. How many items can you hold in your store at the 11th upgrade?
7. Multiple Choice: Which of the following advertisements are allowed within the Shopping Forums?
A. Graphics
B. Clubs
C. Dorms.
D. Stores
8. In your own words, please explain the Shopping Forum advice on Gift Exchanges.

Raffles and Contests

9. True or false: When hosting a raffle, if a disabled or expelled user is drawn as a winner by randomizer, the raffle host MUST redraw for EVERY prize.
10. Fill in the blanks: A _____ ticket list MUST be posted. It may be posted in the main raffle thread ________ or in a thread in the raffle store as long as that ticket list is CLEARLY ______ directly into an ____________ in the raffle thread.
11. Short answer: When trying to figure out how much to charge for tickets, what is a good profit margin you should aim for?
12. Short answer, two parts: Someone decides to hold a contest that starts on October 4th at 11:59pm HEX time and ends on November 15th at 11:59pm HEX time. According to the rules, are they able to do this? Why or why not?

All answers are due by December 12, 11:59 pm HEX time.

Note: This training is NOT mandatory for you to host or participate in a raffle.
As this is a new training program, compared to the old program of easy, intermediate, and advanced, you MAY participate if you have finished the trainings previously hosted. You may NOT participate if you received a 90% or higher on this style of training.

Not sure if you have passed this type of training?
Come check out this thread to see all the users who have earned their econ training badge.

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