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Roleplaying Central November Participation Raffle

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Join us this month as we set off on a technology adventure! Who knows what surprises lie in store?

Take a journey into a steampunk world filled with literary devices in the Roleplay of the Month. What
Tell-Tale Tools will you need to ensure that you complete your quest?

If steampunk isn't for you, the Freestyle allows you the freedom to
Express Yourself in a technological world of your own invention.

Perhaps you need some fancy device or machine to take along on your adventures. Stop by the Lounge to use some magic to design
A New Fantastic Contraption.

Undertaking any of our techy tasks will earn you tickets to the participation raffle and the prizes below.

Everlasting Ink
Dudley's Broken Computer
Newt's Alarm Clock
Wonder Witch Pimple Vanisher
1,000 HP
1,000 HP

If you have any questions about this raffle, please post them in this thread or owl Lin. If you have any questions about any of the contests above, please post them in the respective thread or owl one of the RPC Moderators.

NOTE: Given how rare the prize is, users will not be eligible to win the Everlasting Ink more than once in a calendar year. Should a user who has already won the Everlasting Ink be randomized for that prize, we will re-randomize all of the prize winners to ensure our results are as fair as possible.

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