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Roleplaying Central September Participation Raffle

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For the Roleplay of the Month, you'll be waltzing through a fantastical world in Flight of Fantasy. After a flight-gone-wrong that threw you through a dimensional vortex, you'll be stuck in a well-known magical world from fantasy literature, where you'll meet a partner from that world. How will you proceed?

Conversely, for this month's RP Freestyle, you'll be handling myths and legends... without magic! What happens when Hercules is not a god, but an ordinary human with incredible strength? Or when a famous mythical creature is nothing more than an extinct or endangered animal? In
Get Real! you'll be dealing with stories that, while originally fantastical, should be retold without any act that would be impossible in the real world.

Finally, for the Lounge Contest, your task will be to create a superhero of your own, with a short description, and then you'll follow in Hercules' footsteps by creating a list of
Herculean Tasks to accomplish. If you want to go the extra mile - whether by flight or superspeed - you can then write a short roleplay post about your hero completing one of the tasks in your list.

Everlasting Ink
Vanishing Cabinet
Hagrid's Knife
Rusty Bucket Portkey
1,000 HP
1,000 HP
1,000 HP

If you have any questions about this raffle, please post them in this thread or owl
Lucas. If you have any questions about any of the contests above, please post them in the respective thread or owl one of the RPC Moderators.

NOTE: Given how rare the prize is, users will not be eligible to win the Everlasting Ink more than once in a calendar year. Should a user who has already won the Everlasting Ink be randomized for that prize, we will re-randomize all of the prize winners to ensure our results are as fair as possible.

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