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"Do you know what the most well known time of February is? That's right, the Random Acts of Kindness Day that takes place Feb. 17th!"

Ok, so it may not be the most known holiday during this month however it is one that needs lots and lots of celebrating! Being kind seems so easy but many of us forget that a simple act can mean so much to someone else. So that is what your tasks are all about


You may complete as many/little tasks as you wish, however each one will only be given credit for once.

• Send a kind message to someone (on or off HEX) This will be based on the honor system.

• Write a poem about kindness - minimum of 4 lines

• Solve the following scrambles:
1. deiknnss
2. definrs
3. acginr
4. aehinppss
5. ggiinv


• All HEX terms apply.
• Winners will be randomized from all qualifying entries.
• Each task will only count once for a total of three (3) tickets, you can post each task at any time until the contest ends.
• This contest will end on February 29th at 11:59 PM HEX time.
• Entering this contest will earn you one (1) ticket to the Unified Shopping Forums Quarterly Raffle.
• Any questions can be owled to Sophie or Stacey.
• Please post all entries in this hidden replies thread.


1st: 100,000 galleons + 2500 HP
2nd: 75,000 galleons + 1000 HP
3rd: 50,000 galleons + 500 HP

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