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"What did you do today, Jacob? I was inside a suitcase." --Jacob Kowalski

Newt stood back, watching as his new friend fed the mooncalves. He had never met someone else so fascinated by his creatures as Mr. Kowalski clearly was. As the man turned to leave the enclosure, Newt got an idea. He went back briefly to his desk and snatched up a blank journal. Why not give Jacob the opportunity to contribute to his book? A smile on his face, he turned back and went to find Jacob.

Jacob Kowalski clearly enjoyed his time with the mooncalves, but we didn't get much from the film about his thoughts during that scene. Your task is to write a journal entry from the point of view of Jacob. It must be primarily about his experience with the mooncalves, but mentioning other creatures seen in the suitcase would be acceptable as well. You must keep in mind that Jacob knows little about mooncalves or the other creatures, so it would have to be mostly emotion and visible characteristics, not just information about the mooncalves. Jacob is a muggle, after all!

- Entries should be posted in this thread.
- Entries must be 200 or more words, and must be in journal entry format to count.
- All work must be your own and must abide by all HEX rules and guidelines. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
- Any questions may be posted in this thread or sent to Dustin or Jen.
- Entries are due by August 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM HEX time.
- Prize winners will be chosen by randomizer.

First Place - 15,000 galleons
Second Place - 10,000 galleons
Third Place - 5,000 galleons

Participation in this event will count towards September's Book of Records

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I'm not sure what "journal entry format" means but here is my entry ... I hope it counts ... if it doesn't could someone please let me know what I did wrong so that I can correct it for the next challenge

Journal entry about Mooncalf for Newt Scamander
By Jacob Kowalski

I can’t imagine why Newt wants my input for his book but I told him I would try so I will do my best. He sent me to feed the Mooncalves and that is what he wants me to write about.

They are funny looking creatures with long necks, huge eyes and a gentle nature. Newt said they are a bit shy but they didn’t seem so when I was feeding them. They were excited and talkative and I had to tell them multiple times to calm down. They are very friendly creatures when they get to know you, especially if you bring them treats once in a while. Their skin is smooth, like the skin of a dolphin or whale and pale grey in color. They have feet that remind me of a short elephant only smaller. I still can’t figure out why Newt says their droppings must be collected under the moonlight; it would be far easier to clean up after them in the daylight; but I will help him clean their habitat because he asked for my assistance. They bounce up and down when happy or excited and are quite fun to sit and watch. They like to dance but seem to be timid when they know you are watching. If you watch from a distance, so as not to disturb them, they can be quite graceful and acrobatic. Newt says he thinks it’s the prelude to their mating but I’m pleased I didn’t intrude on that. Some things should be kept private, even for magical creatures and animals.

Speaking of magical creatures, you wouldn’t believe some of the creatures Newt has in his case. I have never seen the like of most of these. Maybe, if he enjoys this entry, he will ask me to write about some of the others as well. I’m not the writer he is but I will do my best to help you see these creatures through my eyes.


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November 2, 1926
Of all the creatures I've encountered in my time with Mr. Scamander, my favorites are the mooncalves. I got to feed them today, and I was struck by their smooth, pale gray skin, their long necks and spindly legs, but most of all their shy gentleness and wide-eyed curiosity. They didn't seem at all frightened of me, but gathered in a circle around me and eagerly took the food I offered them. Later, when the full moon rose, I watched them dancing in silhouette up on the hill - a strange, complicated dance that nevertheless mesmerized me.
Mr. Scamander says they are usually quite shy and that their taking to me so readily is a great compliment to my character. I don't know about that, but it did feel special to be accepted by such strange creatures. I guess it has something to do with trust, which is a sacred thing to me.
I never had a pet growing up - my family was poor and we could barely afford to feed ourselves sometimes. I always thought I would have liked to have a dog or a cat, but after seeing these quirky little creatures, I think a mooncalf might make an intriguing pet. But of course, that would be impossible with the way these magical folk and their creatures are treated by regular society.

[Word Count excluding date - 223]

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Ever since I met Newt, I thought that I might as well start journaling the things I learn from him. It’s strange as I’m aware that I’ll be forced to forget all of this. I hope it will at least be valuable information to him in the future.

Today, I got to feed some mooncalves. Newt has a lot of interesting creatures with him, but I think the most interesting creature he’s brought along is…. Himself! How does he manage all these strange creatures? I’ve never even had a normal pet in my whole life! I must say that Newt has some serious dedication.

Feeding these creatures, I’m starting to understand that dedication. Hearing about them, I expected to be terrified. I’ve always thought of mooncalves as ugly babies who grow up to be ugly adults, but these creatures are almost… cute. Their skin is a nice, smooth gray. At first, I thought that their eyes were a little scary—they bulge like those monsters in horror books, but as I fed them, I started to find them adorable rather than terrifying. They just seemed so happy to be fed, I couldn’t be scared of them despite their strange appearance. It makes me feel much better about myself, I suppose, to know that I’m making someone else happy.

I admit that I’m a little envious of Newt’s ability to be so fascinated by things that are a little unknown or strange. Maybe, if we all could do the same, we would be much happier and be able to accept each other more easily.

[WC: 263]

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I just have a quick question: is there a specific kind of journal entry format you'd like us to use?

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6 December, 1926

This day has been the strangest and the most wonderful in my whole life. Even better than the day the Great War ended. I mean, who knew magic was real? And not only magic, but magical animals.

After being bitten by one of Mr. Scamander’s creatures, he took me into his suitcase, yes, that’s right, into. Weird. It got weirder with every minute. I never dreamed there were such things as I saw in there. Giant birds, weird hippo-elephant thingies and what Scamander told me were called ‘moon-calves’.

These were the most amazing and cutest things I have ever laid eyes on. The area they were in looked like a little piece of central park inside the suitcase, but a little hillier. They gathered around me as I fed them out of a pail. Their big blue eyes glowed and they had the neatest little ears lying back along their head. They gamboled about me on their skinny little legs that looked like the ended in large frog feet. I will always remember the feel of their smooth, pale grey hair too: like the softest kidskin shot with silk. Incredible.

I wonder if maybe I could someday have some and raise them for their wool like sheep. I will have to ask Mr. Scamander about it. I could start a new craze in New York. Even if I can’t I would love to have one as a pet. I have never felt this way about an animal before. Astonishment and protectiveness. They make me feel good inside, good about me.

[WC – 263]

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Full moon August 1926

My name is Jacob Kowalski, Newt has asked me to keep this journal when I come down and check on the animals. This is day one of the journal. There are so many different kinds of strange animals here, and I can see why they are kept hidden from us non magical folk

Newt said tonight will be special the mooncalfs will come out into the pen and since they only come out when there is a full moon its important to go into the burrow and fill the feed bins with a month worth of food.

I am excited to seen them, so far all I have seen is those big eyes. It is also important to collect all the dung from the outside pen before sunrise. Newt gave me a large bin which seals for this.

Well its sunset and down I go, To my surprise they are out in the pen and all standing on their back legs doing a strange but beautiful dance. I sit down to watch, I had already filled the feed bins earlier Some of them are eating while the rest dance then they switch so the dance seems to continue the entire time the full moon is up. As the moon starts to set they all return to the burrow now I must get to work and collect the dung.

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Journal for Newt
Day 1

Newt wants to know what I think about his creatures,they are the strangest things I have ever seen and he keeps them in a suitcase he carries around which I am IN. Well there a lot of strange creatures in here, but I'll start with the Mooncalves Newt had me feed.
First the pellets they eat Float never seen any grain that floats, The come up to my midsection, their legs are short and fat with long fat little bodies, shaped kind of like them Wiener dogs non magic people have, only their feet are kind of flat. They have necks like a llama long only they go straight up from their bodies with little round heads. Their a gray blue color and their skin is smooth to the touch kind like leather but softer. Huge eyes that look at you and kind of melt your heart,
Newt was surprised they took to me so easily he says they are really shy, but they came right to me and gathered around so I could feed them, I must admit I really loved them they make me smile, they float along more then actually walk, it seems like they don't touch the ground, but you can see the prints they leave behind.
Well we have to go collect their droppings (dung) by moonlight, don't know why but I am sure their is a magical reason for it I'll have to ask Newt
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