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What is the RPC Teaching Center?
The RPC Teaching Center is a program that focuses strictly on enhancing one's skills as a roleplayer. The structure consists of the actual tutors that uphold the RPC Teaching Center's guidelines and structure, the secretaries that keep everything on a strict schedule and assign students to their tutors, and the students that are there to learn. Students will roleplay in their assigned groups under the guidance of their tutor, and will receive critiques on their style, characters, partnership, grammatical skills, etc. Side tasks will also be issued to students to complete on the side, outside of their group. These tasks help shape them as writers, not just roleplayers. More information on those assignments will be given during the training process for a tutor.

What does a Teaching Center tutor do?
As a tutor, you first will go through a training session with some of your RPC Moderators. This is where we will strengthen your grammar and teach you how to run your group. You will learn how to handle certain problems that frequently pop up in the school, and more. Once you are trained, you will be assigned one or two groups of students. The size of the group depends upon the level we're doing at the time (Beginner is 3-4 students per group, Int is 4 students per group, Advanced is 4 students per group). The tutor is in charge of running this group and teaching the students how to improve their roleplaying skills. In training, you will be given all the tools you need to do this. Be aware that it is a very time consuming job, so please take that into consideration when applying.

What does a substitute tutor do?
Substitute Tutors are not full-time tutors, but they are just as important. An S.T is responsible for taking over a group if another tutor has disappeared or needs a few days off. S.Ts are important because they keep things pressing forward even when the usual full-time tutor isn't available to. If you'd like to be considered for a sub position, you must indicate so on your application. If you want to be a sub only and not a full-time tutor, please specify in #7

How long is my commitment?
If we have enough tutors and enough student interest, this school will run year-round. We will, however, take breaks during holidays, and can award tutors and subs breaks as they need them, so long as we're notified. We would like to hire each tutor on a long-term basis, but if you can only commit to a certain amount of months, we can work with it so long as we're notified so we know how many waves to keep you on for. The more you work with us, the more benefits you'll receive.

What are the perks of being involved in this?
The biggest thing to consider in terms of rewards is how this program can also help you as a writer. No matter your level of experience, working with others of various levels and of various styles will always help you grow as a writer. While you're in the midst of teaching young writers how to improve, these young writers are also teaching you. Aside from the reward of experience, this is a paid position. Tutors will start out at making a decent-sized pay, which only increases with the more work done. So the longer you stay and the higher the level you take on, the more you'll earn.

Are you still interested? WONDERFUL! Fill out the form below (be careful to fill out the entire thing, including the tasks), and owl it to the RPC Mods.


1. Username:
2. Name (that you'd like to be called):
3. No. of hours on Hex per day/week:
4. Do you have any role-playing experience?
5. Please list your current responsibilities, on and off Hex:
6. Please provide a link to a role-play sample:
7. Anything else you want us to know?

Please respond, in role-play form, to this post.

The trees were bare, and a wafer-thin layer of frost glazed the ground of the woods. It was only a little past noon, but already the northern sun was beginning to wane. The tabby cat sitting on her lap stretched and then hopped off towards the door, wanting to be let out. Rosalie sighed. "Again, Sadie?" Putting down her crossbow and standing up, she followed her cat to the door and wrenched it open.

A man was standing beyond the door.

In the distance, a branch from a tree fell onto the ground with a thud, causing several crows to squawk loudly and flutter into the air in a flurry of wings. But the man seemed to pay no heed. In fact, Rosalie could have sworn that he was moving slightly forward, as if he was reaching out for something, for her.

Gray eyes widened in fear. "What do you want?" Rosalie demanded, her hand poised on the cool brass handle of the front door, ready to slam it in his face. Hardly anyone knew her place of residence - she had taken great pains to ensure that - but here was a strange man on a doorstep, a doorstep barely anyone had set foot on for months and months. I should have moved to the mountains when I had the chance, she thought furiously as she used the door to shield herself from the stranger. He looked strangely familiar, and Rosalie began to search her memory.

Suddenly, she gasped. There was no mistaking the blond hair and the viridian eyes. He was the exact height, too, and she could see the silver stud protruding from his left earlobe, partially hidden beneath the threads of honey-colored hair. It was him! The man from her dreams! The one that was trying to kill her!

How far away was her crossbow? Could she reach it in time if he attacked her? Heck, she would settle for the frying pan. It was so much nearer.

Hastily, Rosalie gave the door a good shove and quickly sprang backwards, her thin, spindly fingers reaching for the cast iron pan. She was prepared to scream, claw, and smash her way past him, but to her surprise, he didn't seem to be attacking her at all, nor was he making any attempt to. Rosalie paused, though she did not lower her guard. Still gripping her weapon firmly, she brushed her dark hair away from her face and narrowed her gaze at him. "If you're not here to make human stew out of me," she said carefully, playing for time. "What is it that you want?"

Now, Rosalie was far from being a coward, but for the first time in her life, she wished that her brother was home. He was as annoying as a hangnail, but at least he was someone she could trust. Robert should be home by now. After all, how long did it take for one to hunt down and bring home a hare? Sweat began to trickle down the side of her face as she sought to maintain her distance from the strange man standing on her doorstep.

Using the above post as well, provide feedback for improvement, like you would to a student. Your feedback should cover the following areas:
- Plot and content development
- Character and setting
- Grammar and readability

Please owl your completed application to
RPC Mods .Title your owl Teaching Center Tutor Application. BBCode should be checked OFF.

This application is open all year round. The RPC Teaching Center will hire tutors on an as-needed basis. Once you've sent us your application, please give us a few days to respond to you.

If you have any further questions, please contact one of the RPC Teaching Center moderators, listed at the top of our forum.

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