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Social Media of HEX Platform Tutorial: Pinterest

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Pinterest is a social networking site that allows you to virtually share and discover content by "pinning" things to your "boards" that you create to sort your interests. The site puts a heavy focus on a users lifestyle by allowing them to share their tastes and discover new interests. In 2013 Pinterest gained more interest and outpaced email as a sharing medium. Much of Pinterest's popularity comes from its unique set up.

HEXRPG On Pinterest

HEX's Pinterest address is https://www.pinterest.com/hexrpg. You can access our Pinterest account from the site by clicking the semi-transparent Pinterest icon () on the top right side of the homepage just under the 'Members Online' count. If you're on mobile, click the icon on the top left of your screen, and you should find the same Pinterest icon along with the other platform icons.

On the HEXrpg official Pinterest page you can expect to see boards filled with canon pins we've created. We try to feature informative graphics that include all sorts of creatures, places, and many other things! You may also see graphics dedicated to characters quotes and birthdays! Our Pinterest is loaded tons of information to discover on beautiful graphics!

Creating an Account
Basic Navigation

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Signing Up

  1. Go to Pinterest you will see a screen that asks you to login or create a new account. You can chose to sign up with an email, Facebook account, or gmail account. When you choose to create an account you are agreeing to their site terms of service.

  2. Beginning with your name, full out the sign up questions. These will include your birthday, gender, and other identifying details.

  3. Next, you will be asked to choose at least five interests from the categories presented. These are popular searches and are not your limiting content. It's just something to get your feed started!

  4. Before you can really get started you will be asked to confirm your email. This email should arrive in your inbox fairly quickly. Open that email and you will receive a link to verify your account. Follow that link and the verification process will be complete.

  5. This completes your account! You are now able to pin and upload tons of content! You can also edit your profile and make it unique to you.

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