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The Social Media team is excited to announce that we are looking for some enthusiastic new moderators! We do not have a set number of mods in mind, we are just looking for individuals who are eager to jump into the exciting world of Social Media on HEX!

We have two different types of moderator positions we are looking to fill. Forum Moderator and Content Creator, both will be responsible for various behind-the-scene duties to keep both our forum and official platforms running smoothly. Below you will find a snippet of the duties to go with each position to give you an idea of what we are looking for!

Forum Moderator
• Help plan various forum activities
• Moderate the Social Media forum
• Work behind the scenes to keep Social Media forum running smoothly

Content Creator
• Create graphic content for HEX platforms
• Plan content for HEX platforms
• Work behind the scenes to keep Social Media platforms running smoothly

If you are interested in joining our team please owl your application to Social Media. Applications are due by 11:59 pm on March 26th.

Social Media Application

1. Username/Preferred Name:
2. Which position are you applying for? Or both?
3. How much time do you spend on HEX? (Daily/Weekly):
4. Please list your current or past HEX positions:
5. Please share a new idea you have for the Social Media forum or for a Social Media platform.

* For Content Creator:
6. Please include one sample graphic for a HEX platform using the following ideas:
• Character quote graphic for Facebook
• House aesthetic image for Instagram
• HEX infographic for Pinterest

* For Forum Moderator:
6. Please draft up a sample chat topic for a monthly prompt including the chat subject and three questions to get the chat started.

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Ooh, I'm definitely interested!
For Forum Moderator, question 6, does it need to be in a special format for form that monthly prompts are now?

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They do not have to be coded as we currently code them. We are more interested in the content of the chat.

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I am so interested in this!!! I submitted my application already 😝

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I submitted my application but I think I did it completely wrong 😂

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I wanna join , is it possible only to brainstrom ideas and not do anything else??? As i actually am told that i do come up with pretty good ideas.

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