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HEX's own radio show, Wizarding Wireless Network, has been through a lot of changes since it first began. The quarterly broadcast currently consists of many different interesting and fun segments by the WWN writers and hosts, on a theme from the wizarding world. Do you have an idea for a theme for an upcoming broadcast? Let us know!

WWN also has a Facebook Page, located here.


Lu (Lu)
Ollivandra (Carrie)

Branwenn (Branwenn)
chive_p (chive)
desi (desi)
Ilostmyleftshoe (Camila)
Minister_Moore (Minister_Moore)

Sammy (Sammy)
Seza Silverwolf (Seza)

ButterflyWings1803 (Butterfly)
Ariana Rosier (Ariana)


If you wish to listen to this quarter's broadcast, previous broadcasts, or learn more about the staff, you can head on over to the WWN Homepage.

*If you have any further questions, you can owl Carrie or Lu.

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Is the wwn still running?


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I hope so

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It's on a current hiatus, but there is hope for the future as it gets revamped.

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Listening to the last one whilst browsing Hex just now. Would love to see/hear this come back xD

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Ahhhh, was just about to ask if the WWW was still active. Look forward to seeing the day it returns!

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With all of our talented singers, there could even be a song segment featuring a recent HEX Idol competitor! just a late night thought 😊

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