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The Newsstand WWN August 2019 Discussion: Competitions

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August 2019 Official Discussion

When I think of competition in the wizarding world, my mind immediately jumps to Quidditch. But sports aren't the only competitions you can enter at Hogwarts. In June's WWN broadcast we learned about all things Triwizard Tournament, dueling, and potions. If you haven't already given it listen, then head over here. Be sure to come back and share your thoughts after you've done so!

Here are some questions to consider:
- What was your favourite segment and why?
- Do you think the Triwizard tournament should be reinstated? What are your reasons?
- What Muggle elective would you like to see at Hogwarts? And what wizarding elective would you like to see? Why?
- You're a professional duelist! What would your signature move be? Why?
- If you could invent a potion, what primary effect would it have? What would the side effects be?

- In order to be eligible to win, your post must be over 200 words long and be relevant to the topic.
- The best post will be chosen based on originality, points made, and how well it fits the topic of discussion.
- All HEX terms apply, and as such, all work must be your own.
- Your discussion posts should be made in this thread by
11:59 PM HEX time on the 28th of August. Any posts submitted later than this will not be eligible for prizes.
- You can post questions in this thread or owl Charleigh or one of the other Publications Moderators listed at the top of the forum.

Best Post:
1000 House Points + 2 raffle tickets
Randomized Winners:
1. 500 House Points
2. 500 House Points
3. 500 House Points
4. 250 House Points
5. 250 House Points

*Everyone who meets the minimum requirements, including the randomized winners, will earn 1 ticket towards The Newsstand's Quarterly Raffle.
*This discussion is based on WWN's June 2019 broadcast. Go have a listen!

Slytherin SKWAD
Slytherin SKWAD
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My knee-jerk reaction was that the Tri-Wizard Tournament should not be reinstated, but then I thought about it a little more in depth. It’s basically the equivalent of a big sports match, meant to create new friendships, almost like a study abroad with a competition. I would not necessarily be opposed to the Tri-Wizard Tournament being reinstated, but some massive changes related to security would have to be made first. Obviously all rules would have to be followed and some major rule changes made, forcing someone to compete against their will is a big breach of trust for me. Also perhaps some safe guard that prevents you from putting in anyone’s name other than your own. But as to the basic concept, I think it could be fun and could create camaraderie with other schools.
I would take all the Wizard electives I could; I don’t care what it is. I would especially like Dueling I think. As for Muggle electives, I guess I would like to learn how to knit, and how to make lace and I would like calligraphy.
If I were a professional duelist, my signature move would be the Leg-locker curse. It would be quick and effective.


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When I was younger, I enjoyed football/soccer. It was literally the only sport I enjoyed, but I never got to get involved in it during elementary school because they banned football because someone got their arm injured when our best football player kicked the ball a little too hard and accidentally hit him. However, from my understanding, he didn't even use the right kind of ball to play! Instead, he used a softened basketball which is so different from an actual football because we weren't allowed to bring our own balls to school and all the footballs were kicked into a river. All they had to do was punish the boy for using the wrong kind of ball, enforce the use of the proper ball for the sport more seriously and let people bring their own ball.

However, despite how much I wanted to bring football back, I actually don't completely agree with having another Tri-Wizard Tournament. But if there tournament was a lot safer, then I would be all for it! They would have to make some ridiculous changes, but I think the concept of different schools all competing against each other is a good idea. It promotes school pride and allows people to get to know people from other schools that they would've otherwise not have gotten to know. I also think it would be nice if there was a task that involved having to work with the people in one's school, as cheating was prevalent anyway.

There is simply so much that can be learned from the different schools. I really believe that which is why my favorite segment was about Electives. Different schools have different specialties, which is why it's hard to say if one school is better than another. It really depends on what you want to do! Providing a lot of electives is a great way to get the students more serious about their studies, as if they choose to do something, it's most likely because it's something that they truly wanted to do, unless if it was forced onto them by their parents or just an elective that is required for a certain career.

With that being said, I think electives should also be for fun. A good Muggle elective that might help Wizards understand Muggles would be photography. (Man, I miss Colin Creevey!) They would get to use their creativity and understand more about Muggle technology. As for a magic elective, it would be fun to see an elective related to how magic affects psychology. This could eventually lead the students to more complicated areas of study such as occlumency. Understanding how magic affects others will also help people appreciate its power more.

As a professional duelist, I'd probably use the Conjunctivitis curse a lot. After that, I could just try to be a silent as possible and attack my opponent easily as they can't see me. I'd also be able to defend myself, as they wouldn't know exactly where to cast a spell, so I can dodge. It also suits my annoying personality and face! That is, opponents find me ugly, so if they don't want to see me, I might as well make their eyes swell so that they shut them. ("Silencio" would be cool as well, but they might do non-verbal magic.)

As for potions, I would like to make a potion that gives the drinker motivation. This should make them mentally more prepared to do grueling tasks that they dislike, although it wouldn't allow them to give themselves more energy physically.

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I actually like the introduction the best. I am not sure if this actually qualifies as a segment. However, it did a really nice job setting up the whole broadcast.it was humorous also, which always makes me want to enjoy the rest of i.e. was not disappointed at all.

I would like to see the tournament start up again. Regardless of the possible dangers it may hold, I think it is an excellent way of fostering global relationships within the Wizarding communities of the world. I also it is good to foster the spirit of friendly competition in young witches and wizards everywhere.

I think Muggle self-defense classes would be an excellent addition. It would give student age wizards who are not allowed to perform magic away to defend themselves out in the Muggle World.

As far as wizarding electives I would like to see Latin offered. The majority of spells are in Latin and it would behoove the well-educated witch or wizard to know what they are actually saying.

As a duelist I would probably like Expelliarmus the best. After all, if your opponent in disarmed, you have basically won. However I also think a good Shield charm is good to know, just in case your opponent is a bit quicker on the raw then you are!

I think if I could invent any potion, I would have to invent a perfect eyesight potion. As someone who has suffered from bad vision that has progressively become worse over the years, it is an important issue for me. I think the side effects would be actually good ones, like thicker eyelashes and sparkling eyes.

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Favorite Segment:
The Second Part of the Triwizard, Rita and Poppy were hilarious I love Poppy tell Rita she quit and was going to the competition

Should the Triwizard Tournament be reinstated:
Yes with out a doubt. Their are risks in life and it teaches not just the contestants but the spectators as well, that you should be prepared to face those risks. You can only prepare against known hazards, but there are often unknown things that can pop up and effect the outcome you cannot plan for. Could they have planned for Voldimorts return during the last Triwizard? Of course not, could they have foreseen that Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter (the latter being the real target) would take the cup together? Not at all.

Muggle Elective:
Art without Magic no spells or charms something they must do with their feelings of how the see the world around them not just make an exact duplicate of. No two people see the same thing in quite the same way so it is a challenge that is never a perfect replica of the subject matter but rater a persons perspective of the object or subject. It is what it invokes inside an individual as well

Magic Elective:
Well I could think of a couple of parallels with Muggle ones not a lot of fun but really useful A Health Class, would have been handy when Harry Ron and Hermione were hunting for Horcruxes especially since the odds were good someone was going to be injured (and Ron got splinched Good thing Hermione had Dittony).
There's Home Economics Cooking repairing clothing cleaning Remember they couldn't even cook except out of tins (cans) while looking for horcruxes and even at Grimauld place it was Kreacher who did the cooking once he was on their side.

Signature Move:
I don't think I would have one makes you to predictable and that makes you vulnerable kind of like a fighter who always leads with the same punch. But if I had one it would have to be Rictusempra, as you would have to occupy the mind as well as the body so they could neither speak or silently say a spell in retaliation.

Invent a Potion
That's simple To reverse blood-born things like Werewolfism and Vampirism : Well it would not cure the desire for rare meat for a werewolf (Learned behavior)and could only be administered within minuets of being bit by a Vampire since they kill and if your human soul has left you'd just be dead if taken any later

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I think that the triwizard tournament should be brought back because we need more competition than dueling and quidditch both are pretty fun but having a house champion and the houses competing against one another in challenges will ignite a spark in all the houses and bring out good rivalrys and the best competition in the house cup that we have seen in years beacause the triwizard tournament united Hogwarts and it can do the same yes Voldemort may of killed someone in the past but he is long dead so bring them back and let the war for the cup begin because we really don't have much after quidditch is done and Halloween and Christmas to keep people interested in playing the game more so a year long competition is a seriously good idea to motivate new players and the old ones to continue to play

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My favorite segment was the first segment regarding the Triwizard Tournament. I like the fact that all of the eleven magical schools will be included. Being an American, the fact that Illvermorny will be included in future competitons is exciting.

With this all being said, it's obvious I would support the reinstatement of the Triwizard tournament. However, I believe some modifications should be made to prevent causualties. Maybe the tasks could be made a little less dangerous; perhaps not including so many dangerous and unpredictable magical creatures. Also I think that there shouldn't be a binding magical contract created by the goblet of fire. That way if there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the selection of the champion or an underage wizard is chosen; in the case of Harry Potter, they can withdraw to prevent being put in danger.

Another reason to bring back the Triwizard Tournament would be to reinstate the Yule Ball. I think that the opportunity to enjoy such festivities with people of different backgrounds and cultures would exciting. Plus, dances and parties are fun.

I think magically creating clothing would be useful and enjoyable as a magical elective. It would be useful to learn how to charm knitting needles or other sewing tools, like Mrs. Weasly. Also learning how to conjure clothes, like Tina, Queenie and Newt in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, would be cool.

Ultimate Hufflepuff
Ultimate Hufflepuff
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I think the Triwizard tournament should be reinstated if it is made safer - because, come on, those tasks were NOT safe, not for 17 year olds nor older. The reason I think it should be brought back is because it allows some interaction between the different schools. Rivalry, yes, but also just plain interaction - getting the students to know a different kind of school, getting the kids to sit together at the same table, that's progress in a positive direction in my opinion. We should always aspire to create more connections, as we are all one community, no matter what school we go to.

I also think that it would be nice to have the Quidditch teams of every school compete against one another, like how Muggle schools have sports competitions among them. Wouldn't that be a nice way to get the schools to interact?

If I was a professional duelist, my signature move would be the dancing feet spell. Because I always found that one so amusing, and it not only makes your opponen unable to curse you, it also proves to take away from their energy and to properly embarrass them, so they can't think straight on the duel anmore (their mind is too occupied with thoughts of shame about the unfortunate situation they find themselves in).

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Personally, I don't think the Triwizard Tournament should be reinstated. As others have mentioned, it was very dangerous. Although it provides a good opportunity for using learned magical skills and providing beneficial relationships, the entire reason the tournament was banned in the first place was the death of students. The entire reason there's an age restriction on entering your name is that you may be signing yourself up to die. It is beyond a risky situation; these students should not be signing themselves up for death before adulthood. If the schools want to build relationships and put students' magical ability to use, perhaps there should be something new (and better) created to provide those opportunities.

It's hard to come up with a Muggle elective to incorporate into Hogwarts curriculum, because many of those skills are not useful to wizards or a wizard version exists (such as Cooking with Magic or Magic in Art). Although, one that may be useful is an economics course. There are still many wizarding businesses, and it may be helpful for young wizards to learn how to run their own businesses. Not only that, but learning how to make deals with these businesses or generally how to earn money would be extremely useful to everyone. The knowledge would also be able to be applied to both blending in the muggle world, as well as providing for oneself in the wizarding world.

As for wizarding electives.... I think the majority are already covered. Perhaps a world cultures class could be added, to learn about how wizards behave in other countries. Some of the knowledge about schools such as Durmstrang are covered in History of Magic, but this new class could add an anthropology viewpoint and learn about the cultures themselves. It may also be interesting to learn some of the regional magic that these schools might learn, as well as foreign language variants of popular spells.

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