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The Newsstand The Quibbler May 2019 Discussion: Everything or Nothing!

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Salutations, lovely Newsstandians! As some of you may recall, the theme of the Quibbler's April edition was... nothing! Well, to be me more specific, it was everything - the readers were free to choose their own topics last month. If you missed the April issue, then never fear; you can still read it here!

To pay adequate homage to our quirkiest publication, the Newsstand staff thought it would be apt to shake things up a bit this month! Instead of our typical discussion questions, we're providing you with an eclectic array of (hopefully fun) creative writing prompts inspired by the Quibbler's April edition. Do as many or as few as you'd like; as long as you meet the usual minimum word requirement, your entry will be considered for prizes! So buckle down and put on your thinking caps, folks, as these topics span, you guessed it, everything.

Discussion Prompts to Consider:
- What was your favorite article in this month’s issue and why? (Not a creative writing prompt, but we always love to give shoutouts to the Quibbler's hardworking writers!)
- In this edition of the Quibbler, one writer wrote about her nefarious chess set, detailing how her pawns were plotting to take over Hogwarts! For this prompt, write a short story in which some or all of the pieces of your chess set instigate a takeover of this beloved wizarding school. Which pieces are responsible for the coup? Is there any division amongst the ranks? How do they go about toppling their much larger magical foes?
- Another author detailed her dismay that the Muggle hobby of geocaching was leading to Muggles accidentally coming into contact with active Portkeys. For this prompt, tell the tale of another individual finding a Portkey that you have intentionally placed in a Muggle geocaching location. What object did you choose to enchant? Where did you place it? Where did the Portkey transport the individual who found it? Was said individual magical or Muggle in origin? Did you intend for this specific individual to find it?
- In a particularly colorful article, one author tackled the daunting task of interviewing a demiguise. For this prompt, write a brief interview between yourself and a magical creature of your choosing. Which creature did you choose? How did they respond to your questioning? Were they able to communicate with words? If not, how did they communicate their opinions on your questioning?
- As we discovered in this edition, dreams can often have odd and unexpected meanings. For this prompt, interpret a dream that a random individual has sent to you for review. What was the dream? Why did the individual send it to you specifically? What is your interpretation of the dream's contents?
- In her article on absurd questions, Eline posited that it's possible that few magical folk know where furniture comes from because furniture makers keep their knowledge of furniture-making spells under lock and key. For this prompt, create your own furniture-making spell. What is its incantation? What wand movement does it entail? How do you know if you've cast the spell correctly? What does it do? Does your spell have any special quirks?
- Unusual superstitions, such as holding one's breath as one passes a graveyard to ward off a Dementor's kiss, played heavily upon Mair's mind in this edition of the Quibbler. For this prompt, create your own magical superstition. What is the superstition? How did it originate, either historically or for you personally? Do you still believe in this superstition today?

- In order for you to be eligible to win, your post must be over 200 words long (excluding the words in the questions) according to this word counter and relevant to the topic.
- You may answer as few or as many prompts as you like. As long as you answer at least one and meet the word requirement above, your submission will be valid.
- The best post will be chosen based on originality, the points made, and how well it fits the topic of discussion.
- All HEX terms apply; as such, all work must be your own.
- Your discussion posts should be made in this thread by
11:59 PM HEX time on the May 28th. Any posts submitted later than this will not be eligible for prizes.
- Any questions may be posted in this thread or owled to Cody.

Best Post: 1000 House Points + 2 raffle tickets
Randomized Winners:
1. 500 House Points
2. 500 House Points
3. 500 House Points
4. 250 House Points
5. 250 House Points

Everyone who meets the minimum requirements, including the randomized winners, will earn 1 ticket towards The Newsstand’s Quarterly Raffle.

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Furniture-making spells have many variations depending upon what you would like to make. To make an armchair you would use the Latin term ‘cathedra’ or chair, and ‘brachium’ or ‘of the arm’. Altogether it would become ‘brachium cathedra’. So the incantation would be ‘Facio brachium cathedra’ or in translation, make an armchair. But this alone will only give you the simplest of chairs and craftsmanship. To create a truly magnificent armchair, you must picture the precise armchair you want in your head, from the color of the fabric down to the slope of the backrest. You may add an extra word or two to the spell to denote color or size, for example, if you wished to have a red arm chair you would add the word ‘rosseum’ or ‘rose colored’ in between the terms ‘Facio’ and ‘Brachium’.
But this is only the incantation. Without superb concentration and the proper wand movements, one may only conjure up a poorly tailored and unstable chair instead of a masterpiece. You will know if you have cast it correctly by the quality of the finished product. Conjuring chairs fine enough to sell is the mark of a true master. The wand movement is to trace out the shape of the chair you are picturing in your mind, and, as always, the more precise the drawing, the better the product will be crafted.

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The secret spell for making chairs is cathedrasia (cath-DRAW-si-AH)
The wand movement is to trace the shape of the chair you would like, but you must be careful. If you have an unsteady hand, you'll get a chair with the same outlines. This also allows you to make chairs with very unique shapes, which will always have a seat so that you can use them. Before you begin, you must have the materials you want to make it out of. If you don't have enough of the material for the size of the chair you're trying to make, it will form, but then fall apart a few seconds later. If you try to make a chair without any materials, you'll get an outline of steam, that will attempt to strangle you if you try to sit in it. You need to think about the details while you make it. If you want any carvings, you have to think hard about it. you have complete control over the color, if you imagine it a bright green, it will end up bright green. if you want to give it any cushioning, you will need the stuffing and something to cover it with. if you only have stuffing, you'll end up with stuffing everywhere. If you say it wrong or don't focus enough, you won't get a chair, but instead, the pile of materials will be set on fire.

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There is a Muggle superstition that if you whistle in the house you will have bad luck and/or attract evil spirits. I noticed something in the wizarding world that is similar. A friend told me she found herself whistling while taking a bath. She said withiin minutes it got ice cold and she felt like there was no happiness in the world. My first though was dementors, but when I asked her she said no.
Another friend mentioned the same thing, except he was working late at the Ministry. He was whistling as he started to walk towards his office door. He stopped walking towards his door when things got frigid. He said he felt the same way...no happiness at all.
Coincidence? I think not. I have heard several reports like this. No one has ever seen Dementors while this has happened. My thoughts are that some evil spirits or demons noticed the effect of the dementors and decided to copy it to create terror and havok.
If enough spirits started doing this, it could bring the wizarding world to a crisis. Do I believe these stories, yes, until proven otherwise. The people I talked to are not prone to making things up. I have thought about trying the whistling to see if it happens to me. I keep chickening out. I don't want to invite any spirits or demons to me. Who knows how long they would stay or what else they might do?
I looked up this phenomena. It was first reported in the 2nd century. I can understand that back then things were not clear and people might think it was evil spirits or demons. It's odd that it still happens today. The Ministry needs to look into this and try and find the cause. Until the answer is found I will not whistle at all.

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The outdoor recreational activity of geocaching is popular with both magical folk and Muggles around the world. In the English county of Yorkshire it’s the most popular it’s ever been. Although the Ministry of Magic try to prevent Muggles from stumbling upon Portkeys, it does occasionally happen.

A Muggle, Jacob Harrison, found what he thought was an ordinary plastic bottle lying on Ilkley Moor when he was taking part in the National Geocaching Championships in 1994. Before he could say anything to his companions, however, he had touched it and found himself being whisked away in a flash.

When poor Jacob opened his eyes, he found himself gazing around a huge campsite. He had, in fact, been transported directly to the Quidditch World Cup. It was just thankful that a quick-witted Ministry employee ran interference until he could whisk Mr Harrison away for memory alteration.

To say this was a shock for Jacob would be an understatement. The twenty-four-year-old had just been enjoying partaking in his hobby when he was suddenly thrown into a different world.

Having had the memory of the entire incident altered, the young man is now back at home with his family and the Ministry officials who were meant to be overseeing that area are being given a stern talking to; a Muggle should have never found the Portkey.

~223 words~

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For this prompt, write a brief interview between yourself and a magical creature of your choosing. Which creature did you choose? How did they respond to your questioning? Were they able to communicate with words? If not, how did they communicate their opinions on your questioning?

I attempted to interview an acromantula, but it did not go very well. I had it locked up in a cage (for my safety) and asked it a bunch of questions, ranging from the simple (what is your name?) to the philosophical (why is 42 the answer to life the universe and everything? I had heard that they can understand English, so I was really interested to hear what he had to say. But it answered every question the same way, with a variant of "let me out so I can eat you." It was not being cooperative at all. Eventually, I decided to bribe it, saying that I would give it food if it answered my questions. But then it said that if I was not that food, then it did not want it. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. Or perhaps I'll just concede that the spider did not want to be interviewed.

- Unusual superstitions, such as holding one's breath as one passes a graveyard to ward off a Dementor's kiss, played heavily upon Mair's mind in this edition of the Quibbler. For this prompt, create your own magical superstition. What is the superstition? How did it originate, either historically or for you personally? Do you still believe in this superstition today?

There are many things witches and wizards do with little effort because of magic. These include packing their bags with a flick of the wrist and apparating down the stair. But one thing you will never (or should never) see them do is use magic to make their bed during a snowstorm. Why? Because everyone (should) know that doing that makes the bed sheets angry. They might even try to strangle you.

Apparently the first time this happened was roughly 2000 years ago, when a roman wizard had traveled north at one point. He had disappeared, and when people came looking for him, they eventually found him in his bed, covered with clothes and strangled by the bedsheets. They checked his wand, and the last two spells he had cast were a snow-clearing charm and a summoning charm. Nobody could come up with an explanation other than the superstition, and nobody wanted to test it to find out.

I still believe that this superstition is true. I have never tested it, and I don't know anyone else who has. It is certainly safe to cast the summoning charm in bed when there is no storm, and there is nothing inherently dangerous about bedsheets during a snowstorm. But together? That's something to be avoided.

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- I really enjoyed the Dream Interpretations Section. It made me laugh, but in a way is just what you would expect from the Quibbler. Of course I always enjoy the Wizard Horoscopes. I love checking to see if mine actually comes true (I am Lacerta by the way, lol).

-My furniture making spell would be ‘Consilio Ligno’. This roughly translates to ‘design wood’, but what it really does is intricately carve designs into wood. It enables the furniture maker to create elaborate and beautiful wood works, for things like bureaus, beds, bannisters, you name it. The particulars are as follows:

Incantation: Consilio Ligno
Pronunciation: CON- sil-io Lig-NO
Wand movement: move your wand in a double infinity loop, very slowly.
Light: A pale gold

If the wand is moved too fast however, sloppy work will result and the caster must have a definite image in his or her mind as to the design they would like to achieve.

- Did you know that if a Matagot licks you, you will become the unluckiest person ever? It is true, I saw it happen when I was in France on vacation, and my uncle has now lost all of his riches, land holdings and his magic abilities. Considering he is the only other witch or wizard in my whole family it was quite the blow. Evidently it happens when a witch or wizard treat a Matagot like a regular cat. The Matagot deeply resents this and retaliates the best way it can. It has always been true, but you can find this legend in the histories of the French Ministry of Magic’s Department of Mysteries, though they will deny it to the public. But I know, I used an invisibility cloak and a few other bits of magic and read it for myself!

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When asked to interview a magical creature my first thought was a niffler. I had always thought they were cute and I didn’t want to interview anything too dangerous so a niffler seemed like the perfect choice.

A friend of mine who has one as a pet volunteered to let me interview hers. She dropped him off one afternoon and said she would be back later to pick him up. No problem I said as I took the cute cuddly creature. He seemed very eager to come to me. I later found out why. I set him down asking if he would like some water. He seemed to nod his head which took as a yes. I went to get him a drink but when I returned, he was gone.

My first thought was I’ve lost my friends pet. I searched the living room and dinning room area first before going into the bedroom. What greeted me there was a shock. The place was a wreck and the niffler had my gold necklace around his neck. That’s when I realized that I was no longer wearing earrings or a bracelet. I tried to get him to give me back the necklace but he just shook his head and ran out of the room. Well he couldn’t escape could he the doors were locked.

By the time my friend came to pick him up my house was a wreck and I had nothing for my interview. My friend just looked at the mess emptied out the niffler’s pouch and left. So much for interviewing a niffler I thought as I started to clean up the mess.

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My magical superstition is one that I used to have as a little girl, and it is that on the day of your birthday, always stay in bed until after you hear the house beginning to wake up. If you do that, then you will find that beside your bed or outside your door, a fairy has placed a large bowl of sweets for you! But if you dare get out of bed earlier than that, you will find nothing.

The superstition is one that I no longer have, so I can actually reveal the story behind it now that I'm older and no longer believe in it. My parents had a tradition of giving us kids this "birthday bowl" full of sweets, supposedly from the fairy, on each of our birthdays. One birthday, not sure what age I was exactly, I got up too early before my mom had time to place the bowl besides my bed/door. So when I checked, there was nothing waiting for me, no bowl.. Which is how the superstition began XD
Naturally the kid me went immediately back to bed and hoped the fairy would still come. And when I got up the next time the bowl was already waiting for me ^_^

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