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The Newsstand Poll: Article of the Month - The Daily Prophet

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The Daily Prophet: Vote For Your Favourite Article Of The Month - September 2017

We hope you enjoyed reading the September issue of The Daily Prophet. If you have a favourite article, we'd love to hear from you. Tell us which article you liked, and why it's your favourite!

- Wizarding Crimes
- Economy
- Regionals
- International
- Politics
- Sports
- HEX Report
- Ask Us!
- Starburst
- Aunt Edna's
- From the Kitchen
- On the Streets

The recipient of the Article of the Month will receive a personalised signature and a small token of 10,000G for their efforts . 1 voter will also be chosen by random and walk away with 5,000G. Don't delay, vote today! Voting will end at 11.59PM on 07 October 2017.

Drafted by Luck

The readers' votes have now been tallied. The Daily Prophet Article of the Month of September is 'Wizarding Crimes'! Congratulations, Rosie_may!

Congratulations also to Andrea, who won 5,000 galleons in the readers' voting!

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