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The Quibbler: Vote For Your Favourite Article Of The Month - September 2017

We hope you have enjoyed yet another edition of The Quibbler! Personally, my favourite kind of socks are odd socks. Seriously, I never wear a matching pair of socks, they have to be different. Anyway, after another fantastic read, it's time for all you readers to tell us which article you enjoyed the most and why.

- Haiku Geseundheit 
- Inside the Quibbler
- You Didn't Hear It From Us
- Muggle Mania
- Wizarding Weirdities
- Things The Ministry Doesn't Want You To Know
- Dangerous Beasts
- The Devil's Advocate
- An Interview With...
- Absurd Questions
- Wiccan Woolen Wearables
- Luna's Travel Logs
- Spelled Socks
- Katie's Rant
- Dear Snape
- Wizarding Horoscopes
- Dream Interpretations
- Recipe of the Month 

The recipient of the Article of the Month will receive a personalized thread banner and a small token of 10,000G for contributing their wisdom to The Quibbler. 1 random voter will also walk away with 5,000G. What are you waiting for? Cast your votes today! Voting ends at 11.59PM on 17th Septemer 2017.

The readers have spoken! The Quibbler Article of the Month for September is ... 'Dangerous Beasts'! Congratulations Katie!

A big congratulations to Kaykee2002, who has won themselves some shiny galleons in the readers' voting!

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