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The Newsstand Daily Prophet August Contest - Candy Trouble - winners announced!

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Here's mine, so that Artemis Black's story doesn't have to hang out here all alone:

There was a Chocolate Frog on the Minister's head. That probably wasn’t your fault.

That unlocked door on the fourth floor, though? And the open file cabinet? That was definitely your fault. Entirely. Well, almost. If the Ministry didn't want people finding out about mysterious creatures with a craving for all things sugary and belonging to other people, they really should have made sure that Alohomora didn't work on these locks.

"I don't understand it," said a voice from outside the hallway. You crouched behind the file cabinet just before two wizards in pinstriped purple robes walked in. The one who didn't understand whatever it was they were talking about was slightly younger, and his shoulders slumped as he shuffled into the office. "She should have gone for the frog. Featherstonehaugh said-"

"Featherstonehaugh can barely keep his socks match, let alone get a new species of magical creature properly classified." The older wizard abruptly slammed the file drawer in front of you shut. You yelped. It was embarrassingly loud.

"What are you doing here?"

"Um." Well, this might be the last chance you had to find out what was going on before you got arrested, expelled, or sent home with a strongly worded Howler, so you thought you might as well ask directly. "There seem to be an endless number of furry blue somethings popping into the Common Room, stealing everyone's sweets, kicking people in the face, and then popping away. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

“Endless? We only brought back one from-”

“Quiet, Tristan!” his co-worker hissed.

“Endless,” you repeated. “As in lots and lots of them. All hungry.”

Tristan looked blank for one long moment, then brightened. “I don’t suppose you notice if any of them had a tail? Or there’s a subtle striping pattern that can tell you whether or not they’re juveniles, just look at the legs and-”

“Tristan, the Minister said we couldn't talk about-”

“One’s a bit bigger than the others,” you hazarded. “Look, it pinched me when I tried to hang on to mine. Right-” you rolled up your sleeve- “here.”

The older wizard stepped forward to get a closer look at the bruise on your arm. “That’s her,” he said grudgingly.

"Oh, of course." Tristan’s face went dreamy. "She must have finally had the babies! She'd need to keep them all fed. A chocolate frog here and there wouldn't do. Suppose it’s lucky they found you lot instead of going for Diagon Alley."

“Lucky!?” you snapped.

He took no notice. The older wizard scoffed and turned away, leaving you alone with the increasingly excited Tristan. "Now, I'll need a pint of Floo Powder, I'll need to send an owl to Honeydukes, and I'll need to talk to you some more about where you saw them last..."

"As long as you get them out of our Common Room." You hesitated, then added: “And maybe leave us any candy you don’t use. You know? Finder’s fee?”

Tristan grinned. "Deal."

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Oh, here's mine, too. XD

This was the moment Athena had been waiting for. Before her stood the door to the room in which the ministry kept their incident reports and current investigations. This was the place that would give her the scoop she needed, the story that would finally give them reason to let her write for the house paper.

She had risked a lot to get there, even stealing a press pass from some poor reporter and using a Polyjuice potion to impersonate them. However, she knew the danger and all of the work she had put in would be worth it. Even the close calls and the near heart attack she had when a guard had come far too close to her hiding place.

Looking down at her hands, she realized that her hour was nearly up as the reporter’s pale skin and masculine form turned to her own tan coloring and much more slender silhouette. In the distance, she could hear the clamor of people as yet another few heard that there was an intruder about. With a deep breathe, she pushed open the recently lock-picked door to reveal a surprisingly mundane office. Along the walls stood several filing cabinets that were magically being sorted. In the center of the room were two currently unmanned tables, both with their own smattering of papers. Upon closer inspection, she could see that each of the filing cabinets and some of their drawers were labeled with a location.

It took several minutes before Athena found one labeled Hogwarts and she began sifting through it. There were several files, each interesting, but not quite what she was searching for. Growing desperate as the sound of shouting and footsteps approached the door, she turned to the tables. Frantically, she shuffled through the papers until she came to what she needed. There was a moment before a look of disappointment spread across her face.

“So, they really are harmless, huh?” she said to herself as the door flew open.

“Freeze. Or I will make you,” a stern looking woman who at the front of the group shouted. She pointed her wand at Athena for good measure.

“I don’t suppose that you’ll believe I was looking for a restroom,” the young witch offered in response. With a sigh, she held up her hands, file and all. It seemed there was no way out for her.

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Those are both great. Thank you for sharing them.

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Okay, here's mine too 😎


It was dark, dark and damp. And it didn’t smell too good either. I doubt many wizards had seen this part of the Ministry.

“Why did I listen to Sydney?” I asked myself as I peeked through the grate at the end of the sewer tunnel. A pair of smart looking leather shoes were pacing the mens room floor directly above me. I waited silently. They were bound to leave eventually and then I could climb up and make my way to the Department of Mythological Creatures. That was the plan anyway, it wasn’t much of one now I came to think of it. I began to wonder why I came. This was a highly dangerous mission for a Hogwarts student, let alone a Hufflepuff. This was not the sort of situation Hufflepuffs found themselves in very often. But I suppose that was the point, no-one would suspect a loyal Hufflepuff. They didn’t just up and leave school in the middle of the night to break into the Ministry of Magic through the sewers.

A chain flushed and a hinge squeaked as someone exited one of the cubicles. I held my breath and wished they'd hurry up and leave, taking the man with the leather shoes with them.

“O’Mally?” A deep voice questioned. “What are you doing here? I thought you were at Hogwarts taking care of business.” I tried to peer up through the grate but couldn’t see the men from where I was standing.

“I was Mr Simmons, Sir.” O’Mally spluttered. “It’s just... there’s been a… development... with the Blusuds... They... didn’t show up to our last planned rendezvous.”

“What?! What are you saying O’Mally?!” Simmons demanded. There was a long pause.

“The Blusuds are no longer under my control sir.” O’Mally gulped. A longer silence this time. O’Mally was first to break it.

“Sir, I think I know how to get them back. I suspect they have found the students secret sweets stash. They love sweets.”

“Go on, you have my attention.” Simmons hissed.

“Well, if we could get them to eat some Fainting Fancies, I could trap them before they come round?” It was more of a question than a plan. Simmons sighed heavily.

“I guess it’s our only option. Ok, get on the job O’Mally. Report back to me in 3 days with an update.”

“Yes sir!” O’Mally yelped turning on his heels toward the door.

“O’Mally...” Simmons deep voice rumbled, following him out.

“Yes sir?”

“Don’t let me down.”

“Yes sir.” And they both exited the mens room leaving me alone to digest the information I’d just overheard. A smile tugged at the corner of my lips. I didn’t even need to step one foot into the Ministry!

Hurrying down the dark, damp, smelly tunnel back towards the school all I could think about was that this was the missing piece we needed to solve the mystery of the blue night-time sweet thief. The Head Teacher would be very interested to hear about this.

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