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vally's Trophy Case

vally owns all of these items.

Crowned Skull

Basilisk Venom

Crystal Ball

Broken Silver Picture Frame

Sparkling Necklace

Fleur's Wedding Ring

Cursed Wedding Rings

Opal Necklace

My Sweetheart Necklace


Cauldron Of Amortentia

Expired Love Potion

Rose Oil

Moonseed Poison

Enchanted Music Box

Enchanted Cupcake


Flower Bouquet

Peach Rose

Bouquet of Lilies

Animal Model - Gaunt's Pet Snake

Gaunt Family Ring

The Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw


The Unintentional Horcrux

Stabbed Diary of Tom Riddle

Gryffindor's Wand

McGonagall's Patronus

Harry's Patronus

Harry's Quidditch Robe

Harry's Eagle-Feather Quill

Harry's Triwizard Entry

Krum's Triwizard Entry

Fleur's Triwizard Entry

Cedric's Triwizard Entry

R.A.B.'s Note

Sirius Black's Escape Article

Albus Dumbledore Remembered Article

Hagrid's Daily Prophet Article

Undesirable No. 1 Poster

Page 394

Acromantula Manuscript Page

Wizard Career Test Results


Enchanted Key

Key to Vault 713

Key to the Girls' Bathroom

Goblin Key

Shrinking Key

Jar Of Moonstones

Moon Frog

Azkaban Prisoner Shackle

Bloody Baron's Dagger

Medieval Flail

Executioner's Axe

Harry's Dress Robes

Hermione's Yule Ball Dress

Ron's Dress Robes

Ginny's Yule Ball Dress

Luna's Christmas Dress

Pansy's Yule Ball Dress

Pile of Rubies

Norbert's Teddy Bear

Dragon In a Cage

Dragon Model - Swedish Short-Snout

A Bottle of Dragon's Blood

Unicorn's Blood

Vial of Vampire Blood

Jar of Vampire Fangs

Chimaera Eggs

Buckbeak's Feather

Ink Well - Squid

White Peacock Feather


Transfigured Rabbit-Frog Hybrid

Professor Moody's Spiders

Ron Weasley's Boggart - Giant Spider

Acromantula Plushie

Acromantula Eggs

Fairy Eggs

Santa's Hat

Hogwarts Ornament



Christmas Teddy

Milk and Cookies for Santa

Gryffindor Candy Cane

Christmas Lion Plushie

Christmas Snake Plushie

Christmas Eagle Plushie

Christmas Badger Plushie


Christmas Panda

Tree of Unity

Tree of Daring

Christmas House Elf Plushie

Rudolph Plushie

Flying Santa Ornament

Wreath of Christmas Roses

Glass Tree

Lion Ice Sculpture

Snake Ice Sculpture

Badger Ice Sculpture

Eagle Ice Sculpture

Melted Ice Sculpture

Christmas Spirit

Gryffindor Sled

Holiday Wizarding Chess

Dementor's Mistletoe

Nargle-Infested Mistletoe

Snowman Cracker

Wedding Invitation


Valentine Teddy Bear

Love Potion

Hot Chocolate

Mylar Balloon

Fountain of Amortentia


Pink Cracker

Sweetheart Balloon

Heart Doilies

Heart Candy

Cupid's Arrow

Pygmy Puff Carrier

Pink Pygmy Puff

Huggy Bear

Chocolate Rose

Hinkypunk Plushie

Kappa Plushie

Snidget Plushie

Puking Pastille

Blood Blisterpod

Fever Fudge

Nosebleed Nougat

Fainting Fancy

Flirting Fancies

Hermione's Charms Feather

Seamus' Charms Feather

Tin Horn

Tin Clacker

Holiday Cracker

Floating Champagne

Floating Champagne Glass

Babbitty Rabbitty Plushie

Unicorn Plushie

Pansy's Unicorn Drawing

Gnome Plushie

Blue Sugar Mouse

Purple Sugar Mouse

Pink Sugar Mouse

Green Sugar Mouse

Tom Riddle's S.A.S.S Award

Page of Basilisk Information

Basilisk Fang

Moaning Myrtle Plushie

Moaning Myrtle Portrait

Bat Plushie

Dark Mark Pumpkin

Skeleton Costume

Venomous Tentacula

Azkaban Prisoner Shackle

Veela Doll

Gold Candlestick Holder

Black Family Silver Forks

Black Family Silver Knives

Black Family Silver Spoons

Berry Ocky Rot

Ghost of Christmas Future

Mean Girls!

Dolores Umbridge Portrait

Dolores' Cat Collared Shrug

Pink Kitty Plushie

Umbridge's Kitten Plate

Wonder Witch Pimple Vanisher

Dudley's Gold Wrist watch

Muggle Ornament

Dalek Pumpkin

2015 Tin Clacker

2015 Tin Horn

2015 Cracker

Valentine Cracker 2015

Gryffindor Quidditch Robe

Fake Sword Of Godric Gryffindor

Gryffindor Nargle Plushie

Ravenclaw Nargle Plushie

Slytherin Nargle Plushie

Hufflepuff Nargle Plushie

Interdepartmental Memos

Sugar Quill

Gryffindor Abominable Plushman

Ravenclaw Abominable Plushman

Slytherin Abominable Plushman

Hufflepuff Abominable Plushman

HEXiversary Badge - One Year

HEXiversary Badge - Two Years

HEXiversary Badge - Three Years

HEXiversary Badge - Four Years

Candy Cane Every Flavor Bean

Hedwig Plushie

Pigwidgeon Plushie

Crup Plushie

Troll Snot

Umbridge's Cough Drops

Pile of Dragonstones

Animal Model - Jarvey

Albus Potter's School Trunk

Rose Weasley's School Trunk

Scorpius Malfoy's School Trunk

Flitwick's Cupcakes

Portrait of the Fat Lady

Chamber of Secrets Entrance

Snape's Tree of Sanctuary

Beetle Berry Whiskey

Dementor Portrait

Azkaban Prison Playset

Dementor Action Figure

Dementor Cookies

Animal Model - Snowy Owl


Hermione's Cake to Harry

Sirius' Cake to Harry

Ghost Cupcake

Pumpkin Pops

Peppermint Toads

Cotton Candy

Vampire Float

Gummy Carrot

Huggy Bear

Diricawl Plushie

Educational Decree No. 21

Dragon Model - Chinese Fireball

Dragon Poison

Bellatrix's Vault Key

Bellatrix Lestrange's Wanted Poster

Death Eater Mask

Gryffindor Hourglass

Key to Harry's Vault

Newt Scamander's Wand

Thorned Rose

Yule Ball Invitation

Crookshanks Plushie

Animal Model - Great Grey Owl

Draco's Owl Plushie

HEXiversary Badge - Five Years

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