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Arts & Graphics Forum Artwork of the Month :: March

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March's Artwork of the Month was created by shadow ninja

shadow ninja's Portfolio
Black and White~ An Arts and Graphic Portfolio

This is a very nice, simple composition. The colors and lines blend well with one another and together they mix into a delicate piece of art.


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aww. i love that! <3 great drawing!

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that's such a great drawing!

it reminds me of mulan and her wonderful appointment with the matchmaker


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Oh... mahgawd. That's quite stunning. Love it!


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Great job Annun!
It is a beautiful image!!

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Oh my!!! looks beautiful <3

Meowth! That's right!

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What I like most about this picture, is how border adds more beauty to the picture, one can always see hard work that was put by painter


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Congratulations! I especially love how you captured the face~ And how you got that shine in the hair~ Wonderful!


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Ooohh! I really like it! 😍

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Good job Annun!

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Great work, Annun!!!

I knew it!! Congratulations!!! 😎

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