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September's Artwork of the Month was created by MissHavokk

MissHavokk's Portfolio
Sacrilege II- Graphics Portfolio

Avatars are so small yet very delicate to make and this set of avatars shows how you can fit everything needed on little space and still have it be a complete composition. Each of them essentially has the same black and white base with a different coloured detail that gives each a different appeal. The avatars are all part of a matching set and together create an amazing art piece. Overall, really amazing art. Great job!


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Holy crap. I just woke up and had to stare for a minute to figure out what this was. I can't believe it.
thank you so so so so so much!

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Congratulations, Havvie! Love your avvies.

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Alright, Hav! Getting your work recognized everywhere I turn now. Congrats!

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Congrats Havcat!

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Congrats Hav!
This is wayyyy overdue! xD <3

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Congrats Hav!

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