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May's Artwork of the Month was created by Elena Winchester

Elena Winchester's Portfolio
FoxyMinx Graphics

The piece above shows one of the many talents that Elena shows in her portfolio: blending. Her artwork not only shows vibrancy with colors, but also tells a story with how she blends everything together so easily. The fluidity in the piece is rather enticing to see and we applaud Elena for her effort in this artwork! It's pleasing to the eye and also intrigues someone to study the piece. Good job Elena Winchester!


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Congratulations! That's spectacular.

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Gorgeous banner!
and now I feel the need to stalk your portfolio :3

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Congratulations Elena! Your work is gorgeous! <3

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Congratulations Elena it's beautiful!

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god, those shoes were killing me.
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Congratulations. Very much deserved <3

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This is absolutely wonderful! Congratulations Elena!!

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