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December's Artwork of the Month was created by Aomidori

The attention to detail in this month's artowrk, created by Aomidori, is extraordinary. The light and darkness contrast are perfectly well used to place the objects in the focus of attention. Additionally, the shadowing is done very accurately which gives the artpiece a whole different vibe and beauty. Together, these aspects make for one very well done piece of art.

Aomidori's Graphics Portfolio
Where the Flowers Bloom; an art portfolio


December: Shaya Mason

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April: Fair_Columbina, May: littlemiss_tutu, June: xMooneyx,
July: hpandtheootp12, August: GhostlyFox19, September: Isabella2577,
October: nauxizioo, November: Isabella2577, December: RavenZoeClaw

January: JamesLondon , February: beautiful_lily_evans, March: dollgodess,
April: Shaya Mason , May: Ybetoula, June: Contra_Mundi,
July: archTITANess, August: Shaya Mason, September: nauxizioo,
October: TheSaladButter, November: Atara Beaudelaire, December: Annie Wayne

January: Jrunnel, February: Agni Kai , March: SofiaR,
April: Savi Malfoy, May: Fair_Columbina, June: ZZZ628,
July: Skyelandor, August: _LegendarySushi_, September: LunaExtreme,
October: RainbowPhoenix, November: Reneespeaks

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This is amazing o:
Congrats! This is a gorgeous piece <3


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Congratulations to you. Much deserved.


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Oh my!!! You are fantastic artist darling<3 Congratulations and you deserve it

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This is gorgeous!! Congrats


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Whoa, this was unexpected. asfdsafhb Thank you so much QuQ!

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Amazing! Congratulations and good work

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