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Arts & Graphics Forum Artwork of the Month :: June

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May's Artwork of the Month was created by ZZZ628

Madi's composition of this piece is stunning and very unique. The mysterious hidden faces work perfectly with the slight touch of motion blur to the whole graphic. The negative space around it lets the focus point be emphasizes just enough to catch the eye of the beholder. The scale on the very right links the image to the subtle quote added at the top. Overall one beautiful art work.

Madi's Graphics Portfolio
she was u n a f r a i d




January: _hermione _ granger_, February: kay85, March: Jordyn_Greene,
April: Fair_Columbina, May: littlemiss_tutu, June: xMooneyx,
July: hpandtheootp12, August: GhostlyFox19, September: Isabella2577,
October: nauxizioo, November: Isabella2577, December: RavenZoeClaw

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April: Shaya Mason , May: Ybetoula, June: Contra_Mundi,
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October: TheSaladButter, November: Atara Beaudelaire, December: Annie Wayne

January: Jrunnel, February: Agni Kai , March: SofiaR April: Savi Malfoy, May: Fair_Columbina

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Beautiful! <3
Congrats Madi.

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Sooo pretty. Congrats. <3

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Thanks guys :3

3 years since i was alive, and i hope to come back in the summer~
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Congratulations, Madi! <3

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Meant to post here a while back ^^;

That's really unique! Great job

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Meant to post here a long while back....

this is so beautiful! Congrats!

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Woah that is really cool, wish I could do that :T Anyways, congrats!

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