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Okay! I have a question!!
I have a guitar I like a lot, but I think it's haunted. It keeps playing even when I'm not hitting the strings. It sounds pretty good though. What should I do??

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:) Classes have started! I'm so excited! ^_^
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A question, please?

What should I do if my parents are allergic to owls, cats, toads and any other pets we could have here?
Unfortunately, I don't like pet rocks... 😩
Thanks in advance!

- Petless Pet-lover

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I'm just so upset now that school has broken up. I've finished all my homework, I miss the dormitories, and the Muggle libraries just don't have the books I want to study! How can I keep sane when I don't have anything academic to do!?

- Homesick for Hogwarts

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Yes I always have had a question about the rash on my knee 😂😂

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Where's your article informing the public that you-know-who is back?

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Does harmonie still like reading books
-Fluffy fox 127

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