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Merri Patil's Trophy Case

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Junk Collection: Strawberry Ice cream & EFBs + Sweethearts
Main Collection: Shinies + Girly + Potions + Sweets

Hufflepuff Sparkler

Gold Glitter Ornament

Gryffindor Sparkler

Red Glitter Ornament

Slytherin Sparkler

Green Glitter Ornament

Orange Luminous Balloon

Purple Luminous Balloon

Yellow Luminous Balloon

Silver Glitter Ornament


Blue Glitter Ornament

Lucia Crown

Patil Twins' Birthday Tiara

Birthday Scepter

Daphne Greengrass' Hairbrush

Fleur's Hairbrush

Mermaid's Comb

Violetta Black's Butterfly Comb

Parvati Patil's Butterfly Hair Ornament

Lavender Brown's Hair Scarf

Jewelry Box

Hermione's Necklace

Minister for Magic's Necklace

My Sweetheart Necklace

Hermione's Earrings

Parvati Patil's Earrings

Luna's Beetle Wing Earrings

Braided Friendship Bracelet

Dudley's Gold Wrist watch

Luna Lovegood's Hare Bracelet

Luna's Beetle Ring

Pansy's Ring

Madam Pomfrey's Brooch

Umbridge's Brooch

Mockingjay Token

Luna's Christmas Dress


Luna's Paint-Splattered Apron

Angelina Johnson's Yule Ball Purse

Hermione's Beaded Purse

Rita Skeeter's Handbag

Dragon Charm Box

Egyptian Charm Box

Jade Charm Box

Pagoda Charm Box

Newt Scamander's Trunk

Albus Potter's School Trunk

Rose Weasley's School Trunk

Scorpius Malfoy's School Trunk

Christmas Tree Fairy Lights

Jar of Fireflies

Merlin's Lantern

Spirit of Hufflepuff

Dumbledore's Memory Cabinet

Hokey's Memories

Fleur's Perfume

Gilderoy Lockhart's Cologne

Rose Oil

Umbridge's Perfume

Bottled Loyalty

Expired Love Potion


Fountain of Amortentia

WonderWitch Love Potion

Love Potion

Aging Potion

Beautification Potion

Dreamless Sleep Potion

Fungiface Potion

Holiday Cheer Potion

Invisible Potion

Mandrake Potion

Polyjuice Potion

Volubilis Potion

Wolfsbane Potion

Hiccuping Solution

Sparkling Solution

Dragon Poison

Moonseed Poison

Unlabelled Poison

Draught of Peace

Alihotsy Draught

Angel's Trumpet Draught

Cloud in a Jar

Jar Of Moonstones

Jar of Vampire Fangs

Black Beetle Eyes

Lacewing Flies

Undiluted Bubotubers Pus

Berry Ocky Rot

Bottle of Felix Felicis

Crystal Bottle of Blood

Essence Of Dittany

Garden Gnome Saliva

Grow Your Own Warts Kit


Lobalug Venom

Powdered Horn of Bicorn

Skele Gro

Unicorn's Blood

Moon Frog




Luminous Holly

Luna's Spotted Toadstool

Nargle-Infested Mistletoe


Umbrella Flower

Fairy Wings

Snarfalump Tentacles

Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Horn

Self-Measuring Scales

Brass Scale

Advanced Potion-Making

Magical Drafts and Potions

Glass Phials

Mortar and Pestle

Hufflepuff Abominable Plushman

Hufflepuff Abominable Plushman

Hufflepuff Abominable Plushman

Hufflepuff Abominable Plushman

Hufflepuff Abominable Plushman

Hufflepuff Abominable Plushman

Acid Pop

Bag of Jelly Eggs

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans


Box of Nut Brittle

Canary Cream

Candy Skulls

Caramel Cobwebs

Cauldron Cake

Chocolate Frog


Chocolate Skeletons

Cockroach Cluster

Cotton Candy

Crystallized Pineapple

Dolly Beads

Droobles Best Blowing Gum

Fizzing Whizbees

Fudge Flies

Ginger Newts

Glacial Snowflakes

Gummy Worms

Hiccough Sweet

Honeydukes' Best Chocolate

Jelly Slugs

Jumping Snakes

A Red Licorice Wand

Licorice Comfits

Pear Drop

Pepper Imps

Peppermint Toads

Pumpkin Pasty

Pumpkin Pops

Red Jawbreaker

Salt Water Taffy

Sherbet Lemons


Sour Apple Bites

Sour Strip

Sugar Quill

Sugared Butterfly Wings


Toothflossing Stringmints

Ton-Tongue Toffee

Wakefields Off the Record Glow in the Dark Gum

Unopened Chocolate Frog

Edible Dark Mark

Fleur's Shell Cottage Oven

Flirting Fancies

Chocolate Cake Slice

Coffin Cake

Easter Cake

Hermione's Cake to Harry

Sirius' Cake to Harry

Enchanted Cupcake

Ghost Cupcake

Rhubarb Crumble


Chocolate Chip Cookie

Dementor Cookies

Headstone Cookie

Plate of Rock Cakes

Fudge with nuts

Plain Fudge

Banana Ice Cream Cone

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cone

Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream Sugar Cone

Blue Raspberry Giggly Jigglies

Green Apple Giggly Jigglies

Tangerine Giggly Jigglies

Delacour's Chocolates to Harry

Special Chocolate Cauldrons

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