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Chrissy May's Trophy Case

Chrissy May owns all of these items.

- Earrings - Teapots - Tea - Piles of Gems - Perfumes - Pretty Bottles - Flowers - Glitter - Cute Plushies -

Anything after the Hexaversary badge is for sale. Owl me if you're interested.

Pile of Dragonstones

Pile of Emeralds

Pile of Diamonds

Pile of Sapphires

Pile of Amethysts

Pile of Rubies

Pile of Onyxes

Phoenix Pendant

Cedric's Watch

Enchanted Cupcake

Enchanted Music Box

Enchanted Teaset

Enchanted Key

Invisibility Cloak

Tea Leaves

Bill and Fleur's Teapot

Black Family China

Divination Tea Cup

Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop Sign

Harry and Ron's Crystal Ball

Dalek Pumpkin

Regeneration Potion

Gold-Dipped Leaf Charm

MoM Entrance Charm

Shrinking Key

Wizarding Piggybank

Mean Girls!

Arthur's Holiday Crown

Luna's Beetle Ring

Luna's Beetle Wing Earrings

Hermione's Earrings

Parvati Patil's Earrings

Hermione's Red Crystal Earrings

Trelawney's Star Necklace

Minister for Magic's Necklace

Sparkling Necklace

Draco's Owl Plushie

Pigwidgeon Plushie

Grindylow Plushie

Beauxbatons Horse Plushie

Norbert's Teddy Bear

Pride Bear

Ron's Teddy Bear

Dolores Umbridge's Patronus

Newt Scamander's Wand

Hufflepuff Snow Globe

Hufflepuff Sparkler

Snow In A Jar

Jar of Fireflies

Christmas Tree Fairy Lights

Silver Stars

Jar Of Moonstones

Moonseed Poison


Hepzibah Smith's Perfume

Fleur's Perfume

Maxime's Perfume

Beautification Potion

Elixir of Life

Daisyroot Draught

Dragon Poison

Shimmering Silver Salt Drops

Unicorn's Blood

Red Glitter Ornament

Braided Friendship Bracelet

Aquamarine Rose

Black Rose

Blue Rose

Gilded Rose

Green Rose

Peach Rose

Purple Rose

White Rose

Thorned Rose

Wilted Rose

Yellow Rose

Bouquet of Lilies

Orchid Bouquet



Flitwick's Cupcakes

Easter Cake

HEX 2015 Birthday Cake

Sirius' Cake to Harry

Hermione's Cake to Harry

Ghost Cupcake

Hufflepuff Truffle

Chocolate Rose

Flag of Acceptance

Gold Glitter Ornament

Amethyst Egg

Gryffindor Abominable Plushman

Ravenclaw Abominable Plushman

Hufflepuff Abominable Plushman

Slytherin Abominable Plushman

Gryffindor Nargle Plushie

Ravenclaw Nargle Plushie

Hufflepuff Nargle Plushie

Slytherin Nargle Plushie

Cup of Tea

2017 HEX Fedora

Fleur's Shell Cottage Oven

Biting Teapot

Interdepartmental Memos

Purple Luminous Balloon

Orange Luminous Balloon

Yellow Luminous Balloon

Red Luminous Balloon

N.E.W.T. Results

O.W.L. Results

Mockingjay Token

HEXiversary Badge - Ten Years

Umbrella Flower

Unspeakable Badge

Rose Charm

Hufflepuff Tie

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