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Xeneixian's Trophy Case

Xeneixian owns all of these items.

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Mirror of Erised

The Sword of Salazar Slytherin

Slughorn's Potion Kit

Lucius' Wedding Ring

McGonagall's Blackboard

Elixir of Life

Stabbed Diary of Tom Riddle

Time Turner

Golden Egg

Number 12 Grimmauld Place Playset

R.A.B.'s Slytherin's Locket

Potter Family Memorial

Branch of Gubraithian Fire


Voldemort's Shield

Diary of Tom Riddle

Gaunt Family Ring

The Locket of Salazar Slytherin

The Cup of Helga Hufflepuff

The Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw

The Unintentional Horcrux


Salazar's Knife

Purple Lanterns

Luna's Paints

Frying Pan

Lily's Self-Blooming Flower

Enchanted Art Kit

Fleur's Hairbrush

Undesirable No. 1 Poster

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Everlasting Candle

Dumbledore's Pensieve

Rear Admiral's Hat

Sir Cadogan's Sword

Harry's Trunk

Crystal Bottle of Blood

Hogwarts Carriage

Hogwarts Express Model

Sunken Boat

Padma Patil's Boggart - Giant Cobra

Antique Blade

Kenmare Kestrels Quidditch Robes

McGonagall's Tartan Dress

Top Hat

McGonagall's Walking Stick

Flying Daggers

McGonagall's Square Spectacles

Professor McGonagall's Hat

Minerva's Love Letters

McGonagall's Wand

Tartan Tin

McGonagall's Purple Megaphone

McGonagall's Patronus

McGonagall's Brooch

McGonagall's Winter Bonnet

Professor McGonagall's Lace Handkerchief

Minerva McGonagall Portrait

McGonagall's Carpet Bag

Life-Sized Chess Piece

Slughorn's Hourglass

Slughorn's Memory

Berry Ocky Rot

Bottle Of Poisoned Mead

Slughorn's Holiday Potions

Slug Club Dessert

Slughorn's Piano

Slughorn's Quidditch Tickets

Slughorn's Picture Set

Holyhead Harpies Tickets

Slughorn's Moustache Wax

Slughorn's Furry Hat

Acromantula Venom

Cauldron Of Amortentia

Slughorn's Christmas Party Lantern

Slughorn's Wand

Lily's Fishbowl

Tom Riddle's Gift To Professor Slughorn

Slug Club Invitation

Rita Skeeter's Handbag

Rita's Quick-Quotes Quill

Rita In a Jar

Harry/Hermione DP Article

Rita Skeeter's Jeweled Spectacles

The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore

Dolores Umbridge's Patronus

Umbridge's Cough Drops

Dolores Umbridge's Quill

Dolores' Cat Collared Shrug

Umbridge's Clipboard

Umbridge's Door

Umbridge's Sweater

Umbridge's Detention Quill

Umbridge on a Unicycle

Dolores Umbridge Portrait

James' Wand

Snape's Gargoyle Fountain

Snape's Potions Book

Tom Riddle's Memento Box

Tom Riddle's Quill

Tom Riddle's S.A.S.S Award

Malfoy Family Crest

Albus' Letter to Grindelwald

Trelawney's Christmas Dress

Xenophilius' Necklace

Luna's Friend Mural

Hermione's Mirror

Blaise's Pocket Watch

Dumbledore's Earmuffs

Albus Potter's School Trunk

Draco's Teddy Bear

Scorpius Malfoy's School Trunk

Sirius' Nameplate

Remus Lupin's Boggart - Full Moon

Madam Hooch's Whistle

Madam Pomfrey's Healer's Bag

Molly's Clock

Neville's Gum Wrapper Collection

Creevey's Camera

Kreacher's Quilt

Petunia's Letter to Dumbledore

Unspeakable Badge

Charlie's Quidditch Captain Badge

Dudley's Gold Wrist watch

White Peacock Feather

Bolt-Shooting Clock

Mirror Shard

Weird Sisters Poster

Enchanted Harp


Patented Daydream Charm

Reusable Hangman

Wreath of Christmas Roses

Gingerbread Hogwarts

Gringotts Bank Playset

Quidditch Playset

Broom Compass

Harry's Snitch Cake


Flying With The Cannons

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Flag of Acceptance

Hex Pride Coin 2014

Durmstrang Flag

Enchanted Cupcake

Enchanted Timeline

Solid Gold Gobstones

Weasley's Flowerpot o' Floo

Mockingjay Token

Acromantula Eggs

Powdered Horn of Bicorn

Box Of Bezoar Stones

Black Beetle Eyes


Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean

Daisyroot Draught

Syrup of Hellebore

Diluted Bubotuber Pus

Undiluted Bubotubers Pus


Baby Mandrake In a Pot

Abyssinian Shrivelfig






Niffler's Fancy

Umbrella Flower

Tea Leaves


Devil's Snare

Venomous Tentacula

Orchid Bouquet

Flowers for Maxime

Hagrid's Flower

Cursed Rose

Green Rose

Aquamarine Rose

Blue Rose

Chocolate Rose

Floating Champagne

Floating Champagne Glass

Beetle Berry Whiskey

Knotgrass Mead

Mulled Wine

Slytherin Shot Glass

Invisibility Cloak

Ravenclaw House Cup Bookmark

Ravenclaw House Cup Necklace

Gryffindor House Cup Pendant

Phoenix Pendant

Shattered Gryffindor Hourglass

Shattered Slytherin Hourglass

Ravenclaw's Wand

Slytherin's Wand

Dueling Trophy

Slytherin House Cup

Slytherin House Cup Pendant

Slytherin Emerald

Order of the Basilisk Medal

Slytherin Hourglass

Salazar's Doublet

Regulus' Quidditch Robe

Slytherin Quidditch Poster

Slytherin Day Planner

Slytherin Writing Set

Slytherin House Ring

Salazar's Cauldron

Slytherin Tie

Slytherin Pennant

Salazar's Quill

Slytherin Dogtags

Slytherin Purse/Makeup Bag

Bottled Cunning

Slytherin House Playset

Salazar's Chamber of Secrets Sculpture

Muggle In A Box

Slytherin Goblet

Nagini Action Figure

Dark Mark Poker Chip

Slytherin Pinata

Slytherin Men's Masque

Slytherin Women's Masque

Slytherin Party Hat

Green Luminous Balloon

Slytherin Sparkler

Slytherin Noise Maker

Slytherin 2007 Glasses

Slytherin Men's 2007 Hat

Slytherin Women's 2007 Tiara

2016 Slytherin Glasses

Slytherin House Beads

2017 Slytherin Fedora

Slytherin Feather Boa

Slytherin House Egg

Slytherin Snuggle Mug

Green Lace Coaster from Madam Puddifoot's

Slytherin Snow Globe

Snake Ice Sculpture

Slytherin Hat

Slytherin Earmuffs

Slytherin Scarf

Slytherin Winter Cloak

Slytherin Mittens

Slytherin Sled

Slytherin Menorah

Slytherin Dreidel

Tree of Ambition

Slytherin House Tree

Slytherin Stocking

Slytherin Candy Cane

Slytherin Santa Hat

Salazar Claus Portrait

Slytherin Wreath

Christmas Giant Squid - Slytherin

Slytherin Christmas Flobberworm

Christmas Snake Plushie


Slytherin Plushie Egg

Slytherin Voodoo Doll

Slytherin Remnant Plushie

Slytherin Nargle Plushie

Slytherin Abominable Plushman

Slytherin Gnome

Slytherin Teddy Bear

Fang Plushie

Padfoot Plushie

Dog Biscuits from Aunt Marge

Crup Plushie

Fire Slug Plushie

Acromantula Plushie

Christmas Lion Plushie


Lucia Crown

Magical Snowflake

Green Glitter Ornament

Silver Glitter Ornament

Red Glitter Ornament

Gold Glitter Ornament

Blue Glitter Ornament

Yellow Glitter Ornament

Sorting Hat Ornament

Muggle Ornament

Flying Santa Ornament

Pink Ornament

Purple Ornament

Light Blue Ornament

Orange Ornament

Red Ornament

Yellow Ornament

Blue Ornament

Green Ornament

Gryffindor Ornament

Hufflepuff Ornament

Ravenclaw Ornament

Slytherin Ornament

Hogwarts Ornament

Dark Mark Ornament

HEX Ornament

HEX 2006 Ornament

HEX 2007 Ornament

HEX 2008 Ornament

HEX 2009 Ornament

HEX 2010 Ornament

Hex 2011 Ornament

HEX 2012 Ornament

HEX 2013 Ornament

HEX 2014 Ornament

HEX 2015 Ornament

HEX 2016 Ornament

HEX 2017 Ornament

The Podlet Action Figure

The Aarony02 Action Figure

The Heathermonique005 Action Figure

The HPfanextrm Action Figure

The SofiaR Action Figure

The Tori Tendleswift Action Figure

The Anacrusis Action Figure

The Aiden Jakorr Action Figure

The Faye Fenikkusu Action Figure

The Alex Action Figure

The Nefarious Black Action Figure

The Salazar Action Figure

The Rosmerta Action Figure

The Kubo Degelo Action Figure

The Marluxia Action Figure

The Ninja Kitten Action Figure


Crystallized Pineapple

Jeweled Firecrab Shell

Orange Candle

Slytherin Cake Slice

Please do not contact this user to purchase items in this trophy case.

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