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Sophia Oceanborn's Trophy Case

Sophia Oceanborn owns all of these items.

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Crowned Skull


Basilisk Venom

Coiled Snakeskin

Basilisk Fang

Page of Basilisk Information

Animal Model - Gaunt's Pet Snake

Chamber of Secrets Entrance

Brooms and Basilisks

Rooster Charm

Dragon Egg

Dragon Model - Romanian Longhorn

Dragon Model - Swedish Short-Snout

Dragon Model - Common Welsh Green

Dragon Model - Peruvian Vipertooth

Dragon Model - Hebridean Black

Dragon Model - Antipodean Opaleye

Dragon Model - Chinese Fireball

Dragon Model - Norwegian Ridgeback

Dragon Model - Portuguese Long-Snout

Animal Model - Gringotts' Dragon

Dragon In a Cage

Baby Dragon Plushie

Baby Norbert Plushie

Baby Norbert Plushie

Norbert's Egg

Dragon Charm

Dragon Poison

A Bottle of Dragon's Blood

Dragon Dagger

Pile of Dragonstones

Branch of Gubraithian Fire

Dragon Charm Box

Dragon Scales

Dragon Rider's Saddle

Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit

Dragon Sweater

Yellow Rose

Aquamarine Rose

Thorned Rose

Peach Rose

White Rose

Purple Rose

Blue Rose

Pink Rose

Pink Rose

Black Rose

Green Rose

Chocolate Rose

Wilted Rose

Gilded Rose

Dozen Roses Charm

Rose Charm

Slytherin House Cup

Slytherin House Cup Pendant

Shattered Slytherin Hourglass

Slytherin Emerald

Slytherin Hourglass Charm

Salazar's Quill

Salazar's Knife

Slytherin Writing Set

Slytherin Day Planner

Slytherin Purse/Makeup Bag

Slytherin House Beads

Slytherin House Ring

Slytherin House Playset

Slytherin Martini Charm

Slytherin Easter Egg Charm

Slytherin Goblet

Slytherin Shot Glass

Slytherin Party Hat

2017 Slytherin Fedora

Slytherin 2007 Glasses

Slytherin Tie

Slytherin Snow Globe

Slytherin Sled

Slytherin Scarf

Slytherin Stocking

Slytherin Candy Cane

Slytherin Feather Boa

Slytherin Snowman

Slytherin Abominable Plushman

Slytherin Nargle Plushie

Slytherin House Egg

Quidditch World Cup

Quidditch Scrapbook

Quidditch Playset

Bludger Charm

Jar Of Moonstones

Moon Frog

Broken Silver Picture Frame

Pile of Onyxes

Scorpius Malfoy's School Trunk

Mockingjay Token

I Love You Charm

Gold Friendship Charm - Left

My Sweetheart Necklace

Pack of Bloodstained Cards

Trelawney's Dream Catcher

Morfin's Bloody Knife


Silver Platelegs Schematic

Frosty the Snowman

HEXiversary Badge - One Year

HEXiversary Badge - Two Years

HEXiversary Badge - Three Years

HEXiversary Badge - Four Years

HEXiversary Badge - Five Years

HEXiversary Badge - Six Years

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