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KaidaThorn's Trophy Case

KaidaThorn owns all of these items.

Weasley Twin Plushies

Fleur Delacour Portrait

Viktor Krum Portrait

Vincent Crabbe Portrait

Gregory Goyle Portrait

Moaning Myrtle Portrait

Filch Portrait

Alastor Moody Portrait

Dolores Umbridge Portrait

Igor Karkaroff Portrait

Rita Skeeter Portrait

Hogwarts Ornament

Gryffindor Stocking

Glass Tree

Wreath of Christmas Roses

Santa Voodoo Doll

Milk and Cookies for Santa

Magical Snowflake

Frosty the Snowman

Krum's Triwizard Entry

Cedric's Valentine to Cho

Romilda's Valentine to Harry

Egyptian Charm Box

Red Rose


Muggle Ornament

Magical Tinsel

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