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January 23, 2022

Six Month Rare Release

5:17 pm - Donations

The January 2022 six month donation rare with item actions is now available for all that qualify!

The six month rare for this period is:

Late Homework Pass
Late Homework Pass
This rare features one item action
The homework pass allows one to submit one make-up homework
for up to full points every two weeks. It is an equippable item.

Please see here for action additional information!

For more information, and to claim your six month rare, please go here!

A big thank you to Josh for getting this coded!

The next six month rare will be given in July 2022, for all that donate at least $10 a month, every single month within January to June 2022.

Thank you!

January 21, 2022

Honouring House-Elves

9:02 am - Jojo

                              Countless others...

They've kept us clean, warm and fed. They've came to our aid when we needed them the most. Some of them gave their life for us. It's time for us to thank them for it.

Everyone, please light your wands and come join the Slytherin Staff on our site-wide event where we will pay tribute to the unsung heroes of the wizarding world.

Join us in Honouring House-Elves.

January 14, 2022

Promotions to Administrator

3:17 pm - John

Today I'm excited to announce that both Katie and Yasmine have been promoted to the position of Administrator!

I've loved getting to know the two of them and have been continually impressed by both. Katie is a great mentor and leader that has been a hardworking member of the GMod+ team for almost four years. Yasmine is always willing to take on new things and seems to learn anything with ease, is a great leader, and has been on the GMod+ team for over 3 years. Both of them have shown time and time again what it means to lead by example and I could not be more thrilled to have them on the Admin team. I look forward to the work they will be doing in their new roles and what it will mean for the future of HEX.

Please join me in congratulating Katie and Yasmine on their promotions!

January 12, 2022

Weasley Hideout Update

4:51 pm - KatieNumbers

Since it's opening, the Weasley Hideout has been an exclusive area for HEXians under 13. We are excited to announce that the age limit in the forum has officially been raised to HEXians that are under 17 years old! Head on over and join us in the New Weasley Hideout. We have some fun activities to help you get acquainted to the forum, so be sure to stop by today! Check out our Welcome Thread to see what we have in store for you! Then, make sure to stop by George's Gossip to introduce yourself! Whether you're new to the forum or a regular friend, we look forward to seeing you!

Note that only users under 17 will be able to access the Weasley Hideout forum.

January 8, 2022

Redeem Cards and Site Store Updates

11:46 pm - Nelly

A new year is here, and with it, we have some new things happening with the site store! Thanks to the recent site-sponsored contest, Project Runway: HEX Edition, we have not one, but THREE absolutely outstanding designs created by your fellow HEXians. Why not go pick one up? In addition to your amazing new shirt - or sweatshirt... or water bottle... or whatever else you choose! - you will also receive redeem cards based on the amount of your purchase. If the prize pool wasn't enough to catch your eye before, you should definitely take a new look. The items being given out from redeem cards have been updated and you can check out the new list and find out more about the redeem cards here.

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