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April 26, 2010

Silver Wizard Card Guess

11:08 pm - Hpfanextrm

The Wizard Card master of Wizard Card Guess has noticed a significant rise in interest in Wizard Cards since the release of the WC Collection. He's overjoyed, of course, but has noticed that his stockpile of Bronze Wizard Card parts is quickly depleting.

In an effort to rebuild his collection and climb back to the top of the Top Collectors list, he has began offering users a chance to win a few of his spare Silver Wizard Card parts if they are willing to lend him a hand.

Will you help the master at his new Silver Wizard Card Guess?


April 19, 2010

Want to help in the Contest Forum?

10:22 pm - J_W_L

Here is your chance! Simply fill out the following form:

  • Username:
  • Name you go by on Hex:
  • Average hours spent on Hex weekly:
  • Why do you want to be a part of the team?:
  • Have you hosted any contests on hex previously? If so, please include a link(s) to the contest(s) for us to review? (Optional, just helpful)
  • Please include an original Contest Coordinator styled contest containing an introduction, a task, a set of rules, and prizes.
When your form is complete, please owl it to the Contest Coordinator Account no later than Sunday, April 25th, by 11:59pm. Only completed applications will be considered(with the exception of those marked as Optional). We will likely choose 3-4 people.
There is now a Contest Forum Watch Thread in the Contest Forum that will be used to alert you when new contests are posted or announcements are made.

Slytherin Elections - Part 3

7:17 am - anacrusis

Voting has begun! Please go >>>HERE<<< to submit your ballot for who you'd like to see on Slytherin House Staff.

You can vote for your Graphic Designer >>>HERE<<<

April 18, 2010

Slytherin T-Shirts!

6:51 pm - John

The Slytherin house t-shirt is finally here! It is now on sale in the Site Store!

Click here to view the winning design!

The winner chose to remain anonymous.

Also, prices on the site shirt, long sleeves, and combos, have all been greatly reduced. Check out the Site Store to see the latest prices.

Also, there is a new deal program for the Site Store. For every purchase, a user will receive a certain amount of galleons. The amount possible ranges from 25,000 to 1.5 million galleons, based on a random drawing. Every new store order qualifies for this. For more specific details on this new deal, click here.

Lastly, the donation items for February and March were finally handed out yesterday. Sorry for the delay on this, and thank you for all of your patience with this. If for some reason you didn't get any items when you should have, simply owl me. Also, the six month rare will finally be released this week.

Thank you!

April 12, 2010

Wizard Card Collections

7:51 pm - HPfanextrm

Some of you may have noticed already, but for those who have not, an additional link has been placed under Your Items on the side navigation. Your Wizard Card Collection (or WC Collection, for short) will hopefully cater to all of your Wizard Card-related needs. Within it you may store one of each Wizard Card (or Wizard Card part) that you posses. All of the available Wizard Cards on the site have been sorted into organized categories.

To add cards to your Wizard Card Collection, you must first purchase a Wizard Card Collection Book from Flourish and Blotts. Once purchased, you will be able to add cards from your Inventory by selecting the Add Cards to Collection action within the item. You may also choose to move all of the Wizard Cards in your Inventory to your collection with a simple click of a button by visiting the Settings page within your Wizard Card Collection.

You may view the Wizard Card Collections of other users by visiting the link in their Userinfo page. The top ten users with the most Wizard Cards in their collection books will be listed on the Top Collectors page within your Wizard Card Collection.

April 10, 2010

Slytherin Elections - Part 2

1:45 pm - anacrusis

Slytherins! The Q&A portion of the elections has begun HERE.

Drop by and see who's running for house staff and feel free to ask them questions to be answered.

April 8, 2010

Apparation Update

11:53 pm - HPfanextrm

Many of you have been experiencing problems with the Apparation test. I have made a few adjustments to the way successful attempts are recorded which will hopefully make things a little easier.

Previously, you were required to complete the test three times in a row without fail. If you completed the test twice, and failed on your third attempt, your were reset back to square one and would have to complete the test three more times in sequence without fail.

Now, even if you fail, your counter that records your number of successful attempts will not reset. This means that if you complete the test twice and fail on your third attempt, you will only have to complete the test sucessfully one final time rather than three more times again.

Some users also somehow completed the test three or more times in sequence, but were not given the ability to apparate. Everyone that this applies to should now find that they have been granted the ability to do so. Also, any user that has attempted the test at least 15 times has been given the ability to apparate.

The feature was never intended to be difficult, and we apologize for the troubles experienced.

April 5, 2010

Attention Writers!

6:26 pm - sarah74656

If you think you can handle the pressure,
check out the RPC; could you win one of the
biggest prizes ever to be awarded on HEX?

April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter

2:26 am - HPfanextrm

Well, HEXians, Easter did not go quite as planned this year. We'd recruited the Easter Bunny to help out and bring you delicious chocolates, but he was last spotted tied up in Crookshank's restroom (apparently the litterbox was considered cruel and unusual punishment) and will be unable to make his delivery rounds.

As such, we're issuing a state of emergency on HEX. Please be aware that Crookshanks--that scoundrel--is roaming the forums with a basket of colorful eggs and a plot to take out each an every one of you. We hear his aim is good, so be on the lookout.

Good luck and Happy Easter, from the HEX Staff.

P.S. - Fred's Holiday Store has been restocked for the holiday. You may want to take a look inside.

Quick Update

1:11 am - John

I don't typically post news like this, but I felt like I needed to. I am having lots and lots of computer issues that seem to be never-ending that are preventing me from dedicating optimal time to the site. I am hoping to have it all resolved by the middle of this week. So all owls, donations, site store, and other requests will be handled as soon as I can get a stable computer back.

Sorry for the delays and thank you for your patience.

April 2, 2010

Slytherin Elections

12:41 pm - anacrusis

Slytherin House Elections have begun.

Please see the announcement in your common room
here to find out more.

April 1, 2010

The Whisperer - April 2010 Issue!

1:00 am - cool kidd jordan

Be careful as you read!

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