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August 30, 2003

Happy National Day

5:11 pm - Hoojx

Keranamu Malaysia ...

Wish all Malaysians a happy national day today !

The Winner !

10:01 am - Swaroop

It's high time now to announce the winner of the Daily Prophet MEGA JACKPOT (1000 galleons) !
Hold ur breaths, lol..
The winner is

Ryan (Sermus_Redormor)

Congratulations Ryan !
The prize will sent soon..
Swaroop :D
P.s. Watch out for the next contest !

August 27, 2003

Teacher Application Reminder

10:01 pm - rpgking2005

Heylo kiddies. Apps have been up for some time now, and I'm sure all of you are growing impatient, waiting for classes to start. This is just a reminder that apps will be up until the first of September. If you have yet to apply, do so here. Thanks again for your patience and cooperation.

August 25, 2003

Mars is bright tonight...

10:27 pm - rebkos

"Mars is bright tonight..." so said a famous Harry Potter centuar. Due to the alignment of Mar and Earth on their orbits, Mars moving into position to be the closest it has ever been to Earth in 6000 years. So on August 27 get out your telescopes and hunt down the red planet. Its thing in the sky that looks like a really bright star, but has a reddish tint.
Happy star gazing :D


8:34 pm - John

Users are reminded to submit their ideas to the Ideas Forum or the Report section. We would love to hear your ideas. Also, the About Us page has been re-added. These are the true staff on HEX. If anyone says they are and they are not on this page, they are lying.

August 24, 2003


5:17 am - John

The bug with the signatures/avatars has been fixed. Sorry about that!


1:23 am - John

The www4 in the address bar is suppost to be there and is not a problem. Thank you.

August 23, 2003


9:41 pm - John

All users that weren't a year yet are now 1st years. Classes will start very soon. Thank you.

August 21, 2003

Do not get on "Friends" accounts.

11:32 pm - rebkos

If you have been placed in Azkaban, do not get on your friends accounts if you consider them true friends. By doing so you are risking the expullsion of your real account and your friends. We have a reason for Azkaban, it is not for fun to go there and chill because "hey look I'm cool I got sent to Azzy!"

This is your last warning. Stay off your friends accounts when you are placed in Azkaban.

Bugs Fixed.

1:05 pm - Swaroop

** The bug in the Poll has also been fixed **
There was a small bug in the DP contest which is now fixed. So those who weren't able to enter can try now.
Please note, as we haven't permission to interact with the Hex's Database, we r left with no choice but to record the IP Address due to which only one entry per computer is allowed. Sorry for the inconvenience,
Swaroop :D

August 17, 2003

DP Contest

2:49 pm - Swaroop

Ok I have just fixed the contest script. Sorry about the trouble !
Now, it is a mega jackpot ! So hurry up and send in ur entries.
After all thousand galleons are enough to make anyone rich
Updates on DP will be more frequent.
Thanks for all the support
Swaroop :D
The Daily Prophet

August 16, 2003

Hogwarts Extreme's 2nd Year Birthday

12:21 am - Link

In order to commemorate Hogwarts Extreme's second birthday, the staff would like to thank the users from the bottom of our hearts for you patience, involvement, and your contributions to the wonderful HEX world.

Known world-wide, HEX has taken many leaps and jumps in the past. Though we have just been slowly walking, you will soon begin to see some new, entertaining and interactive material coming your way.

First and foremost, in celebration, there are some new items. The HEX Birthday Store

Second, you will find that the spell book is back! Spellbook Sadly though, most of you have no spells. The old ones were erased. Here is how it works. You gain a random spell different from the ones you already have (if any) every time you score an 8 or higher on a homework assignment in the Dueling Class. A random spell is removed for 3 or below.

Now, to consider what you will do with those spells, you now may duel. There are a few restrictions. You must have 3 or more spells. Dueling

Happy Birthday HEX!!!

-The HEX Staff

August 15, 2003

Forum Abuse

6:33 pm - John

The disable forum code feature has been removed due to abuse. You now can only do the forum codes, no html. Sorry.

Thank you for your cooperation.


3:34 pm - WritingMoose

I hope everyone's recovering from that multistate brownout; let's all pray for those are still trapped and without power. We just got power back and its hotter than Beyonce in a mini-skirt.

I just wanted to let you all know that aopplications for classes are now open. They are located Here. Make sure you take your time on applications, you have two to three weeks to complete them and remember - you can only apply for one position.

Apps will be judged by Ayja, Bianca, Eric, and myself. We were chosen by the teachers from last terms to take care of classes this year. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to owl them to Ayja who will be taking care of owls.

By the way, to answer questions - On the applications; ' skills ' simply means to tell us what you are good at. Writing Skills, Working with people, etc . Also in the example lesson, it is your choice whether or not to write it in html or plain; neither is more impressive. Do whichever is easiest for you.

2nd Edition

3:12 pm - Swaroop

Ok here we release the second edition of the Daily Prophet..
Swaroop :D

Independence Day!

2:36 pm - Swaroop

A very happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians !
Swaroop :D

August 12, 2003


10:05 pm - John

Hogwarts Extreme is currently having some problems. They will be fixed as soon as possible. Please be patient. Thank you.

August 10, 2003

Ollivander's Wand Shop

5:28 am - Link

After countless meetings with Ollivander, I have finally got him to agree to donate a wand to every student of HEX. So, please visit his shop via the link provided below of in Diagon Alley.

Sometimes it may seem like there is no wand made for you, but I think you will find that there is one. Just keep trying.

Ollivander's Wand Shop

21 Years of Magic
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