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June 25, 2003

Wow, that was confusing

10:29 pm - darkshady

It seems that the doors and staircase here at Hogwarts, well they..um.. I think they got confused. The doors seemed to lead you into wrong rooms, and the stairs ending up moving in all of the wrong directions. After some time I finally taught all of the doors the correct rooms, and all of the stairs the corrects paths.

I think Peeves the pesky Poltergeist may have been up to some nasty tricks!

Chain owls

3:25 am - darkshady

When you receive chain owls, the best thing to do is to just delete it. There is really no point to them, and no matter what they say NOTHING will happen to you. Sending them on to other users just makes getting them really annoying, and they keep going on and on.

Please if you get an owl like this, just delete it.

June 24, 2003

Store and Game

12:32 am - darkshady

The potion racing game has come back! Have fun, and make sure you drink them in the right order.

You can also select to be notified when someone buys an item from your store

June 21, 2003

Dp released !

3:09 pm - Swaroop

There we go ! The first Edition of the DP is released !
Swaroop :D
DP Website


12:07 am - Hoojx

Your pets will be taken care from now until June 27. It is June 21, 12.07 am GMT right now and we would like to wish all of you to have a great time with book 5 and have fun !

June 20, 2003

Trusted People

10:11 pm - John

We have enlisted some people to help us watch HEX. They have a little more power. Who these people are will remain hidden. Do not ask to be one of these people, we choose. I repeat, DO NOT ask.



1:58 pm - Hoojx

HEX will be running as usual in these days. However, it is recommended for you to stay offline if you don't wish to read any spoiler. We'll try our best to monitor this site.

New areas to discuss the book will be added soon.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Signature & Avatar

12:15 pm - Hoojx

Signature and avatar have been temporary disabled. This action is taken for us to monitor the forums easier in these few days. We'll put it back soon.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

12:07 pm - Hoojx

There are less than 12 hours more to go until 12.00 am GMT. This is for those who're living in Britain or the eastern side of the world.

For those who will get their books during the midnight or further on, we wish you'll enjoy it !

Happy reading !

Costume Contest

3:51 am - John

Be getting your pics taken and ready to upload! A place for you to upload your pics will be provided sometime soon.


New Short Film!

2:46 am - John

There is a new film in Berlin's World! Go check it out! Also, we love to hear your comments and are getting a lot of ideas, but some of them are just harsh. We don't want you to be extremely mean to the section. We just want to know how we can improve it and if you liked it. Some of you are way to harsh on Berlin. You have to remember that Berlin is 14 years old and just learned flash on her own a few months ago. Give her a break. She isn't some expert flash designer thats been doing it for a few years. Lets see you make what Berlin has made! Saying you suck or it sucks does not help make the film better. If you get offended then don't come back. All of these short films are jokes. They aren't meant to be mean to the books. Like I said, if you get so offended you have to chew berlin out, don't come back to her section. (but don't chew her out when you comment.)

We are listening to your ideas, more sound will come soon and they will be longer.


June 19, 2003

The Quest is Over

4:30 pm - Link

Thanks everyone. Mu5e (The Minister of Magic) thanks each and everyone of you. For all of you that completed, he has decided to reward you with a little something. Maybe, it will still grant you access to special areas!


P.S. The first three winners will receive something a little more special, and they will be announced a little later.

June 18, 2003


11:52 pm - darkshady

A few "old" games have been added back to HEX. If you were here a while ago you will remember the "Catch the Snitch" and "Quidditch Keeper" games. They are linked on the games section.

They also have a highscore table!

Spoiler Tag

5:42 pm - darkshady

As everyone knows Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be coming out in a few days, in order to prevent people from having the book spoiled for them we have added the spoiler tag.

If you are posting ANY information from the book that will spoil any of the plot for another user you MUST use the spoiler tag. If you are caught trying to spoil the book for others without using the code you will be sent to Azkaban for a period of time.

To use the tag just click [Spoiler Tag] and it will insert the code automatically into your post, then replace TEXT with the information you want.

To view the information in the spoiler tag just simply click and drag your mouse over the text (highlight) it and it was appear.

Happy reading :)

New Section!

5:54 am - John

There is a new section on HEX! It is Berlin's World! The user Berlin is pretty good at flash, so she wanted to contribute something to HEX. She will be making new short films for HEX all the time. Comments on this new section are apperciated. There is a link in the section where you can submit your comments. All short films posted in this section will always be rated PG at the highest. Otherwise they will be G. The section is located here!


Azkaban is back...

12:55 am - John

Azkaban is back. This is an easier way to punish users. Instead of getting expelled for good, you will just be suspended from HEX temporarily. How long your suspension from HEX lasts determines how bad the problem is. Questions? Owl me or another staff.

Thank you!

(Edit by Hello:Azkaban is NOT a place on Hex. It is a temporary ban where you are unable to do anything on Hex.)

June 17, 2003

Post Quest

9:28 pm - Link

I will take the quest down June 21, because for a few days I don't think anyone will playing it if they already haven't...;)

Needless to say, if you haven't completed the quest (which I see quite a lot have), you have four days left to do so. Don't forget awards will be given out....

June 15, 2003


11:32 pm - rebkos

For anyone that didn't get the quest message there was an error, just go here:

Honeydukes Attacked!

10:09 pm - Link

It seems that Honeydukes has just been raided by mountain giants. The owner was badly injured. The giants escaped before the aurors from the Ministry of Magic could arrive. When they did arrive however, one giant remained and proved a match for all of the workers. Finally distinguishing of the giant, all the aurors were badly injured and shipped off to the Magical Hospital.

During this, the Ministry had called out dementors (which happen to only be used in the most extreme situations). Left nearly unprotected, some deatheaters escaped from Azkaban. The dementors are now just roaming around, many unaccounted for.

June 14, 2003

The Hex Photo/Costume Contest!

11:38 pm - rebkos

Going to the Harry Potter midnight party?
Dressing up?

If you said yes, GOOD!

Here is the deal:
HEX will be holding a costume contest! After you get back from your party (or before you leave) get someone to take a picture of you in costume! (If possible please have a little sign with your Username so we can make sure it's you).

Soon we'll have a place for you to send the pictures to (DO NOT SEND THEM YET! ANY OWLS WITH THEM WILL BE DELETED). The Admins will go through the pictures, and pick the best costumes and the winners will get some spiffy prizes :D

I'm backkk

8:25 pm - John

I'm back! I'll try to answer all of your owls as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Happy Birthday

10:50 am - Hoojx

Today is Corey aka. Darkshady aka. Bunny's birthday. He is 15 years old now ! Any gift for him ? :)

June 7, 2003

New Game - Trivia

2:26 am - Hello

You may now play Harry Potter trivia. It is listed in the Games section of Hex. You can take a quiz once every 24 hours. You can also submit questions for use in future quizes. This is the only way the quizes will happen so we need your questions! You guys are the only ones that make them up, we just approve them. Note though that rules of content still apply and no question is garunteed to ever be approved or used in any quizes. Have fun and if you find ANY errors, bug, ect then please owl me ASAP. There is more information about the game on it's page. Enjoy!

June 3, 2003

New Potion Pics!

6:39 pm - rebkos

PattyD sent in some of the coolest pics I've seen in a while! All of the potions have now been updated with her pics!

Willow Store

4:51 pm - Hello

If you've found the Willow store, you know there was an error causing people to not be able to purchase items from it. The error is fixed so you may now purchase items. If you have not found the store, keep looking.

June 2, 2003

Whomping Willow! (Updated)

11:48 pm - rebkos

Okay, I'll admit it, yesterday when the Whomping Willow was first up it was impossible to get to, I was just throughly enjoying everyone's attempts ;)

HOWEVER! Now it does work, go for it :)

June 1, 2003

Whomping Willow!

8:50 pm - rebkos

What Hogwarts grounds would be complete without a Whomping Willow!
Go play with it (and if you can't find it don't ask, just go look).


3:24 am - John

I will be gone for a little while because I am going somewhere! So any owls sent to me will not be responded to for a while.


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