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July 1, 2017

Seen and Unforeseen

12:00 am - Hex Staff

You're sitting at your desk in the History of Magic classroom, letting Professor Binns' wheezy, droning voice lull you into a trance-like state that would make even Trelawney proud. The hot breeze coming from the open window beckons to you, making you wish you were anywhere but here. The last few days of classes are always the worst, you think, wishing that something, anything would happen to pull you out of this dreadful lethargy. Your head slips between your hands, and your forehead hits the wooden surface with a sharp thump for the third time in the last hour. As you look up, rubbing your nose, the room seems to dissolve in front of your eyes. It's as if everything turned blurry all of a sudden. The light outside the window, bright at the peak of day just a moment ago, turns duller and duller until night has taken over. People move around you, near you, seemingly unaware of your presence. A sudden wave of dizziness overcomes you, and you close your eyes, wondering if you have given yourself a concussion.

After a minute, you open your eyes to discover that the world has stilled once more and you are alone. No, not alone. A lanky, tawny-haired boy, who must not be older than twenty, sits at Professors Binns' desk, staring straight at you. You swallow as his harsh, yellowish eyes meet yours, wondering why his face is somewhat familiar. A glint of gold draws your attention, and your eyes widen at the sight of the tiny hourglass nestled inside a pair of rings and at the end of a yellow chain. Next, your eyes are drawn to the calendar on the wall. 1995. It can't be. You're still staring dumbfounded at the date unequivocally etched on the paper when the stranger addresses you.

Yes, you guessed it. This year's Summer Event is centered around The Order of the Phoenix. Once more, you have to choose a side. Will you rally by Lord Voldemort's or by the Order of the Phoenix's side?

Think well. Think carefully. For once you've chosen a side, you can NOT go back. Your choice will be permanently sealed and with it, the prizes and contests that you will be able to earn/join. So, which one will it be?

21 Years of Magic
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