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July 4, 2010

Many Updates

4:32 am - John

As of right now, the current incentive program for the Site Store has officially ended. All orders placed before this posting will still qualify for it. The rest of the incentives for the remaining orders should be handed out sometime this week. If anyone has any order issues that I have not addressed, please owl me again. A new incentive program is being developed and will be announced later this week.

You will notice that there is a new area under the poll on the main page called "Other." This box will hold miscellaneous links that are slightly more permanent than the the ones in the "Important" box. Currently, there are a few links that are all fairly important.

Also, as you probably noticed, there is a link at the top of every page to a survey about switching Hex to PG-13. We have not made an official decision at all, and are simply wanting feedback from everyone on the matter. Also, there is an additional short survey that you can take to help improve the site overall. It is located here and in the "Other" box. We appreciate any responses submitted.

There is also a new link in the "Other" box for anyone that wants to review the Harry Potter Wizarding World park that recently opened in Orlando, Florida. Please only submit a review if you have actually visited the park in person. The submitted reviews will allow everyone on the site to get a general idea of what the park is like from a member's perspective.

There is another link in the "Other" box where you can submit your favorite quotes from all of the books in the series. Detailed instructions are on the page itself. Submitted quotes will help build a future section on the site, as well as add additional future features.

Also, four users have been promoted to the global moderator position. They are: Simone_Jowett, Sportzgrl33, Mugglebornmegan07, and Faye Fenikkusu. Congratulations to all of them!

Lastly, I know there have been multiple delays with the six month donation rare. Finally, the December 2009 and June 2010 items will be released at the same time this week. Josh and I are both working on them to finally get them out. The delay has been due to adding special actions for both items. Thank you for your patience with this.

More updates to come!

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