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September 14, 2009

Major Updates - Please Read

1:27 am - John

There have been lot of happenings lately on Hex, so the staff thought it was time to address some concerns brought by users and make a few announcements as well. So, this is an extremely long post, but very important, so please read all the way through it.

As Im sure the site is aware weve been going through some changes. Change is a good thing and were hoping you will see our new staff changes as a move to the future.

The following users have been promoted to Admin positions: Kinken, AKA Kristen, Pixiechickie, AKA Pixie and Theny, AKA Theny. They have been users of our site for a long time and have over the years been invaluable behind the scenes so while you may not always see them posting, they are always working.

Additionally, Salazar who is also a staff member is being given the status of "Honorary Staff Member". His real life commitments have made it difficult to be as active on the site as he used to be, and as he's been a invaluable part of the site both as a staff member and user over the years, so he has very much so earned this distinction. As such, he will retain his powers so don't be surprised if he appears now and then and does some work. Because of this, we were in need of a new House Admin for Slytherin, and we have chosen Anacrusis to fill that role.

Also, the following moderators are being promoted to the Staff Member position: quiet_fury87 - AKA Megan, Sarah7465 - AKA - Sarah and Anacrusis aka Rima. These positions carry with them a three month probationary period. Were confident that the new staff members will be an invaluable addition to our staff.

The following users will be promoted to the global moderator position: J_W_L aka John, and Podlet aka Judith.

Congratulations to all new staff members and promotions!!!

Now, on to other issues. It has come to our attention that users have concerns about our moderating policies. We feel it is important to address that.

To protect the privacy of EVERY user, it is against our policies to publicly discuss how we address user concerns or discipline staff or users. Just because we do not publicize things does not mean that nothing is being done. This is done as a matter of privacy to all parties involved, regardless of the circumstance.

To that end, we are enabling a moderator reporting function, similar to the user reporting function. This will enable the site staff to review instances of what users see as a problem with the way our staff moderates the site. These reports will be viewable by Administrators and Staff Members only and your report will be kept confidential as always. To report a moderator, simply go to "Report" under the Navigate category. There is a new option in the drop down for it. I would like to emphasize that this tool should only be used for legitimate reporting, not tiny little things. An example of a report that would be ignored would be something like, "MODUSERNAME didn't agree with my views in a thread!"

If you have a problem with a staff member, owl an administrator. If you have a problem with an administrator, owl me.


There has been a question of what we mean by bullying and what our policy covers.

StopCyberbullying.com defines cyberbullying as:
"a situation when a child, tween or teen is repeatedly 'tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted' by another child, tween or teen using text messaging, email, instant messaging or any other type of digital technology."

As we at Hex cannot monitor all types of digital technology, the definition above holds true for any such actions witnessed on Hex only either in forums or in owls. Additionally, it holds true for both adults and children.

Do not mistake this policy for a way to tell on people that you feel are not being your friend, making a comment you dont like, etc. It is for targeted and negative harassment only.

We hope that this will stop some of the rumors, and help us move forward with what all users will feel is a positive, inviting atmosphere, Where everyone can enjoy Hex and not feel be afraid to have a voice.

So to clarify once more, we have given everyone a defintion of bullying and what is NOT allowed. To this end, all users must stop using bullying as an excuse for every little thing. With the set policies defined, it is easy to tell just what is reasonable to report for bullying and what is not.

Also to clarify, the bullying policy applies to everyone. This includes administrators, staff members, global moderators--everyone. Because of recent occurences with global moderators, two have been issued warnings for their behavior. I realize that some of you will view this as a "slap on the wrist," but after many weeks of debate, this has been the decision that has been made and what will stand.

Classes will officially start on Monday, September 21st. House cup info and year move ups will occur some time this week.

And to close, here are the teachers for this school year:

Ancient Runes - Branwenn
Arithmancy - forgeweasley
Astronomy - lucala
CoMC - tarae55
Charms - sam13
Cooking with Magic - melamory
DADA - Tinuel
Divination - ohhero
Flying - christianchick29303
Herbology - tistaiore
History of Magic - Pheonixfyre
Legilimency & Occlumency - i3ingo
Magical Trade and Commerce - j_w_l
Medicinal Magic - laila123
Muggle Studies - ktcharton
Potions - xmooneyx
Transfiguration - daniah
Wandlore - Ronan

Thank you!

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