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Arts & Graphics Forum Artwork of the Month :: October

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October's Artwork of the Month was created by RainbowPhoenix

Even before reading it, one truly would believe this piece was taken straight from a scientific magazine by first glance. It is very simple, but well put together to make an aesthetically pleasing article for all those who wonder who the man is and what it is he has accomplished. Worthy of print, this was created by RainbowPhoenix, who I have had the pleasure of seeing grow as an artist over the past year or so. He seems to be able to blend into any situation and try his best to put his best foot forward into whatever he makes. This piece shows that, and we're proud to call him our Artist of the Month for October. Way to go!

RainbowPhoenix's Graphics Portfolio
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Well deserved

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WOAH! I was so confused for a moment. I thought was a legit magazine ad or something :3
Amazing job!!! And Congrats

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Congrats!! Rainbowphoenix

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Thank you very much, Arts and Graphics Staff! You guys have just made my day <333

Thank you also very much to the people who wished me, you rock!

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Good job! I think I might start a portfolio, this looks fun!

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