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Arts & Graphics Forum Artwork of the Month :: Feburary

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February's Artwork of the Month was created by Agni Kai

Agni Kai's drawing of Marilyn Manson shows a superb amount of attention to detail and depth. The facial expression lines alone make this an exceptional artwork. Agni Kai's sketches, drawings, and painting shows so much talent and this AOTM is very well deserved. Fantastic job, Agni Kai!

Agni Kai's Graphics Portfolio
Kai's portfolio of Stuff - Art Portfolio




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GAHHH. So purdy! Congrats, Agni ^.^

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Congrats! It's really lovely... well, as lovely as Marilyn can be.

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It's just so...brilliant.


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Congrats, Agni. <3
Tis beautiful, all of your works are incredible

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Congratulations Agni.
The drawing is lovely. Really a great job.

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Awesome job, bb. Each one keeps getting better and better <3

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Fantastic! Wish I could draw like that.

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Congratulations! ^^ Keep up the good work!

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Congratulation Agni, you deserve it and your art works are magnificent.

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