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Using at least 3 of the words below, write a son or poem about spring at Hogwarts. You can use a variation of the words if you need to. (sky, skies, sky's)

sky, clouds, house-elf, flower, fresh, lake, Quidditch, charm, new


- All work must be your own.
- Entries should contain at least three of the above words, and be 100-500 words long.
- Entries should be posted in this thread. Entries will be displayed.
- Entries are due by March 31 at 11:59 PM HEX time.
- Winners will be randomized from the eligible entries.
- Any questions can be asked in this thread or owled to cinnamonbunny.

15,000 Galleons
10,000 Galleons
7,500 Galleons

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The Nargles are coming!
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At Hogwarts today, Spring it has sprung.
Here and there, new tapestries are hung.
Look out the window, no clouds in the sky.
Nice Quidditch weather, perfect time to fly.

A walk by the lake with your best friend in tow,
Will spruce up your life, as you feel the wind blow.
A house-elf will help you with whatever you need.
As long as it's apt. You know, they won't serve you mead.

The picnic you eat, it will have food ever so fresh.
Just don't be a Muggle, and wear a tee-shirt of mesh.
When you return to the castle, as you walk arm in arm,
Smile as you pick out a flower, to then turn up the charm.


It's a bit twisty. But there's a reason for that. Check out the rhyming couplets syllable count.

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As spring approaches, the sky over Hogwarts
Is dappled with light, fluffy clouds
And the last Quidditch game of the season
Is drawing the usual big crowds

The bright, breezy days happily remind us
As flowers push up through the soil
That we will soon be quite free
From months of scholarly toil

After grueling exams we'll be free
To relax with friends by the lake
Perhaps to have a picnic outside
With sandwiches and cake

The grounds renew themselves with greenery galore
And newly wakened streams over mossy rocks run
The birds sing again their anthems of spring
And Hogwarts basks in the warm, renewing sun

[Word Count - 107]


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The sun shines high in the perilous sky
The birds awaken anew
The bees float on with fresh pressed eyes
The grass is wet with dew

The Quidditch field sways and churns
The students take their fill
The house-elves mill about the grounds
To welcome springtime thrill

The lake is glass, glistening and proud
The squid, a vigil takes
O'er flowers that grow, around and round
It's darkened water banks

The forest dark, with subtle charm
The trees seem taller now
With wind that flows and shakes their leaves
Stretching towards the clouds

Everything here is new and bright
Life finds the time and way
To clear away, the old and dying breath
Giving future, better days.

[WC: 135]


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The clouds provide quick cover
From the sun's awful glare,
But soon enough, it peeks back out
And it's hard to get away again.

But one positive that comes
From the sun's glaring heat
Is the gleaming lake reflecting
Rays of it off into colors so fresh and vivid.

High in the sky, the stupid sun sits
Beating down on the players and fans
Of the school's Quidditch teams.
How charming.

Spring holds its beauty
In flowers that bloom,
But there's ugliness too
In the strong, sharp sunlight
Screaming down from above.

That's all I've to say,
So I bid you farewell.
Good luck with this crazy sun
And try not to get burned.

Muggle Born
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Spring has come to Hogwarts,
you can smell it in the air:
the bright green grass FRESHLY cut,
wild FLOWERS scented and fair

Little waves on the LAKE,
are reflected in the SKY.
Along with NEW white CLOUDS,
with the wind’s every sigh.

Like a HOUSE-ELF’S magic CHARM,
perfect weather does abound.
And many of our students,
on the QUIDDITCH pitch are found.

Or maybe they are gathered
at Hagrid’s hut to see,
newborn nifflers and unicorns
as pretty as they can be.

Even the teachers do appear
to be enjoying the days,
or sunshine and warmth
in many different ways.

A few of them are swimming,
with the giant squid.
Even Trelawney has come outside,
(because the fates have bid).

So if you are Hufflepuff
or perhaps Slytherin.
Join up with Ravenclaw and Gryffindor
and let the fun begin!

[WC – 140]


The Nargles are coming!
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When does this actually end? I presume March 31, but there's nothing mentioned in the thread

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Yes, this will end March 31. I'll add that now.

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Sunshine washes over illuminating the Black Lake
People watch as clouds drift by in the sky seeing the shapes they make
Rabbits hop around to shelter in the Forbidden Forest
In they go to seek the shade from the biggest to the smallest
New flowers bloom as though turning on the charm inside the greenhouses
Good god the sunbathing Quidditch team forgot their trousers
The house-elves take a break from all the cleaning and cooking the food
In time to go with everyone else to enjoy this fresh new season mood
Many days will the students lounge around sitting out in the grounds
Enjoying the warmth and the freedom and all the creature's sounds


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Marketing Maven
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The world is a bloom as the snow melts away,
Warmth and light bringing the world back to life,
As the sky clears for new growth in the decay,
And fresh seedlings pierce through like a knife.

Gone are the dreary grey clouds and brown trees
And the chill Jack Frost swirled around,
As the warmer season brings a light breeze,
Helping new life spring from the ground.

The Quidditch teams are gearing up to play,
and the house-elves are dusting out the halls,
With charms and magic to clear the way,
For spring waits for no man's calls.

The so the students begin to come alive,
Taking more strolls around the Black Lake,
Watching the squid come up and then dive,
Enjoying all the season has offered them to take.

And so the flowers bloom and bees do buzz,
As spring comes through with magical hands,
Clearing away all of winter's dust and fuzz,
Waving a happiness and peace over the lands.

[WC: 163]

Muggle Born
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The coming of the sunshine
Will work better than a charm
The flowers are all bloomin’
An’ the days are getting warm

It gets the blood a-stirrin’
Makes the muscles want to move
The mind that dulled with schoolwork
By the gentle breeze is soothed

So leave your books behind you
An’ give wizard’s chess a pass
Take off your shoes an’ run, child,
Across the new spring grass

An’ when your legs are tired
You’ll pull out your favorite snack
Watch the light play in the clouds
As you lay upon your back

Now spin until you’re dizzy
Let a house-elf braid your hair
Just get outside an’ play, child,
An’ enjoy the fresh clean air

(WC 117)

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When the winter cold
just starts to defrost
Nary a soul to be seen
And all seems lost

You'll hear the wind blow
in these harrowed halls
Yearning for sunshine
And then spring calls.

The lake was glass
but begins to melt
The ice now cracking
The fissures felt

The castle is asleep
But the house-elf coasts
Brushing off the last snow
from turrets and posts

The world will awaken
As the birds twitter
Songs of sunshine
In chirps of a critter

A single flower blooms
A new message to gain
That which once ended
will now begin again.

[WC: 104]

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The grass is green, the skies are blue,
Spring is here, the world looks new.

Fluffy white clouds float across the sky,
Accompanied by doves and bright butterflies.

Pretty little flowers poke through the soil,
Eager to enjoy after a hard winter's toil.

The owls are flitting, delivering daily mail,
Flapping their wings excitedly; Oh! They must not fail.

House elves are busy, cleaning up the pitch,
It's time for a new season of Quidditch.

There's so much to do, like visits to the lake
Pull out the apron, and cookies to bake.

So much to behold, as new lives have begun,
Dear witches and wizards, spring has sprung!

(109 words)


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CLOUDS racing across the blue SKY
I lay on my back and smile with a sigh.
The sun gently warms me
as I half sleep through the day
wishing all my problems would go away

The FLOWERS are blooming in all different shades
The troubles of life start to gently fade.
The breeze blows my hair around my face
As I listen to the wave breaking gently on the shore
The LAKE brings me joy and more.

Birds are chirping in the tree
such a gentle sound right next to me.
The leaves are rustling in the wind
I wish I could fly like the birds often do
Watching the earth from an interesting view

Off in a distance I hear a crowd roar
I jump to my feet and become active once more.
The calm becomes a memory
QUIDDITCH is a treat
I stand there yelling on my feet.

WC 150

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Skipping along as we House-elves do
I breathe in the air ..What's that?..Something new
I love the fresh scent that arrives every spring
It makes me want to shout and to sing.
the air at this time it's crisp and a little bit cool
I love when I get out on the grounds of this School
A quick stroll by the lake
before its back in where I bake
yes, that's what I'll do
before we start that large stew
I will look at the clouds way up in the sky
before I go in to bake that pie
Before I head in I'll pick a bouquet
Well there, I think that's enough for today
Time to skip on back on right back in
Let's go! hurry up! let the baking begin.

Muggle Born
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Spring at Hogwarts is a very extraordinary time for all,
Quidditch teams begin practice for the fall,
All teams join for end of the season fun at the lake,
The lovely scent of flowers and fresh air they intake.
Students get ready to end the year,
They bring out the firework charms with a cheer,
The sky is always so beautiful during the spring,
Wondering what kinds of surprises it could bring,
The average house elf is very busy tending to the yard,
Singing to the tune of many great ballards,
Spring time is fun for all,
You can never be to small or tall

Word Count: 105

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Archives Apprentice
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ticket list
1 | RicFule
2 | Mahogany Wild
3 | ninjathief77
4 | TheBaddestBlonde
5 | Kestrel Winter
6 | Aurora
7 | LadyReeseKightkens
8 | Foxie Eyre
9 | MissMione91
10 | Banushka
11 | JosetteElise
12 | Ashlie Remus
13 | Calia Silvermoon

Archives Apprentice
Archives Apprentice
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i like trees
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Congrats to the winners!

15,000 Galleons - JosetteElise
10,000 Galleons - Calia Silvermoon
7,500 Galleons - Banushka

Winners, post your tradelinks!

Randomizer Proof


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Muggle Survivor
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Congratulations to the winners!


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Congrats to the winners!


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