Site Character Accounts (SCA) are the canon characters and creatures that you see out and about chatting with users during different site events. The people in SCA portray the characters and creatures in hope of bringing fun and authenticity to HEX. Each character brings its own unique fun and experiences with it.
AdministratorsNelly, Rose
StaffAmy (on hiatus), Sammy
GmodsSCA admins: AiyanaShandley, Athenniene Cromwell (Jr Staff), Bubblebaby, Lua Septima, Natasha
Additionaladelethehobbit, aelara, ameliaz, biologicallybeth, brightsky, callieblack, calypso_21, dancelot, dustball, enyra, julieexann, katie_slytherin, katienumbers, kellin, lilgiastar, margieblack, momin, morgan93, narcissa black, parvati paiytl, risenphoenix, shatter akin, thethistlebranch, tilly tulasi, tongs_23, unknownperson055, whitewolf221, zoe