The Goblin City is home to the Wizarding Worlds Goblins. It is here where they learn and grow into our maybe not so friendly, but highly intelligent money dealing friends. Here you'll find many activities that our goblins have for us witches and wizards to do, that not only allow us to make more money but give us fun past times. It is a forum, with economical adventures, that could leave you smiling or sad from loss.

Within the Goblin City one can find the Stock Exchange which not only thrives on the prosperity of hex's businesses but on all the witches and wizards who invest in it's companies. It has been known to capture all of ones wealth, but is also known for it's return as well. What you can find in the same building of the Stock Exchange you'll find hex's little Casino although it's called the Gambling House. As per the name says one can go and gamble their money away.

If you are of luck or simply wealth you can go to the Goblin Forge to either sell or get your very own pieces of Goblin Made Items. Beside the forge is a tree only found in the Goblin city where you can take up gardening and possibly see a return in wealth. The Dirigible Plums are used for potions and therefore it is essential that you care for them properly.

If none of these things are for you, well you're in luck as in the near future more great things from the Goblin City will be yours to explore. In the mean time, kick back and watch the magic of the City unfold. But do mind your purses. Goblins can be tricky.
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