Slytherin is probably the house you associate with dark, evil, nefarious deeds and seedy, suspicious characters. While it's true that many dark wizards have been in Slytherin house, there's more to us than that. The Harry Potter books do not do the house justice.

It's important to note that Slytherin on Hogwarts Extreme is not a den of evil. Nor do our members plot evil plots and spout bigoted propaganda against Muggleborns and other houses. We're actually a rather down to earth group of people who have a collective drive to succeed at whatever we do.

Slytherins look out for one another and are extremely protective of their housemates. We welcome all newcomers with open arms and swiftly bring them into the fold. Some might find us cliquish at times, but that's only because when we form friendships, we form extremely strong, close friendships. It's true even when we befriend someone from another house.

Finally, it should be mentioned that, even in the canon, not all Slytherins were dark witches and wizards set on world domination. Perhaps the greatest wizard of all time, Merlin himself, was a Slytherin. Surprising, isn't it?

So don't let your judgement be clouded by the likes of Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy Parkinson, or even Draco Malfoy. We're a much more complex bunch than you find within the pages of the Harry Potter series, and we're very proud to call ourselves Slytherins.
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